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CENTENNIAL, Colo., August 1, 2005 - Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI), the leading manufacturer of pulse-laser measuring instruments and systems is announcing the release of the Criterion RD 1000, a timber cruising device that aids in conducting variable plot cruises, "borderline" tree determinations and the measurement of tree diameters – even heights at which a specific diameter occurs. The simple-to-follow measurement routines, in-scope data display and data communication capabilities are all making timber measurements much quicker and easier.

"We are really excited to release this revolutionary technology because there are no other products on the market that can compare to the RD 1000’s ease-of-use and overall functionality," explains David Williams, CEO of Laser Technology, Inc. "By addressing the limitations of other instruments and real-world challenges faced by forestry professionals, we believe the RD 1000 will become a 'must have' in the forest and natural resource management industry." The major differentiating advantage with the Criterion RD 1000, in comparison to other instruments, is the illuminated measurement bar scale displayed inside the viewing scope. You can adjust the LED brightness level to optimize the visual clarity in low-light conditions and obtain direct read-outs of slopes, heights and diameters from any distance. This feature eliminates poor visibility while working under a dark canopy and the difficulty of positioning yourself to align the tree within fixed scales found in other instruments.

The Criterion RD 1000 can be used as a slope-corrected BAF measurement tool for variable plot cruising and is quickly able to determine if questionable "borderline" trees are in or out of a particular plot. Used as a dendrometer, it can measure diameters anywhere on the stem and also the height at which a specific diameter occurs. It can accept distance data by keyboard entry or automatically through the RS232 serial port from an LTI laser rangemeter. A diameter accuracy of +/- 0.25 in. (6 mm) can be maintained out to 80 ft. (24 m) away from the tree by utilizing the included, detachable magnifying lens. It also can measure tree diameters from 2 up to 100 inches (5 cm to 254 cm) and has a Basal Area Factor range from 1 to 127 ft2/acre (0.2 to 29.1 m2/hectare). The software’s touch-screen activation and step-by-step graphical aids are both contributing factors to increased field productivity. Another time-saving feature T&D Pro offers is that it can calculate critical values right in the field. Field crews can now make immediate decisions without having to take data back to the office for post-processing.

Laser Technology, Inc. manufactures and markets laser-based speed and distance measuring instruments, which utilize proprietary technology developed by the Company. Its products are sold worldwide and are used in a wide variety of applications, including traffic speed enforcement, natural resource management, GIS mapping, surveying, sporting/recreational activities, and industrial process control. The Company's headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in Centennial, Colorado.

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