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CENTENNIAL, Colo., April 3, 2003 - Laser Technology, Inc., the leading manufacturer of pulse laser measuring instruments and systems is announcing the release of the MapStar Compass Module II, a newly enhanced digital compass that calculates azimuth (directional) measurement for all types of mapping applications. The new simple calibration procedure and streamlined menus dramatically reduces the set-up time and increases productivity in the field.

The MapStar Compass Module II integrates with the Company's Impulse laser-rangefinder series, which provides long-range reflectorless distance measurements with an optional tilt sensor in the 200 models. To limit magnetic interference, the magneto resistive sensor is positioned as far away as possible from the internal batteries. In addition, the modular design allows the user to pivot the rangefinder up to 180 degrees while keeping the compass sensor level. Both of these design features are contributing factors to obtaining the highest possible accuracy.

"I am excited to offer our customers the latest in magnetic sensing technology, which will provide the highest level of accuracy at an affordable price," stated Eric Miller, President and CEO of Laser Technology, Inc. "Based upon customer feedback, we have also made modifications to the operating system of the compass to make the entire mapping process easier and more efficient."

After working closely with the US Forest Service in 1992, Laser Technology, Inc. developed the Criterion; the first hand-held total station released to the market. Other industries began to require similar needs for measuring and mapping, therefore the Company developed the MapStar System to be highly portable, integrate with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and interface with most 3rd party field data collection software packages.

Laser Technology, Inc. manufactures and markets laser-based speed and distance measuring instruments, which utilize proprietary technology developed by the Company. Its products are sold worldwide and are used in a wide variety of applications, including traffic speed enforcement, natural resource management, GIS mapping, surveying, sporting/recreational activities, and industrial process control. The Company's headquarters and primary manufacturing facilities are located in Centennial, Colorado.


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