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Photo / Lidar Speed Enforcement

PicoDigiCam Overview

The PicoDigiCam, which captures violations in both photo and video, has been engineered to generate the clearest and most vivid license plate image at longer ranges. This complete laser-based speed enforcement system saves all the highly encrypted violation data on an SD card and can be transferred using an Ethernet cable. LTI's proprietary PC-based software, TruViewer, is used to search, review, archive the images and all the additional violation data embedded in it for easy post-processing.

PicoDigiCam SR
LTI PicoDigiCam LR and PicoDigiCam SR

Key Features of the PicoDigiCam LR & SR:
  • Integrates GPS data for additional location evidence

  • Adjust the iris, focus, as well as the day and night filter from a remote location

  • Switches easily between day/night filters; auto/manual modes


PicoDigiCam Optical Character Recognition
PicoDigiCam's Optical Character Recognition

Nighttime and Tunnel Enforcement

For nighttime and tunnel enforcement, you can utilize LTI's TruFlash and IR Link for optimal capability of getting clear, illuminated and fully recognizable images in the dark.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The PicoDigiCam's optical character recognition (OCR) software enables officers to identify the vehicle and owner before pulling the driver over, giving them time to determine the correct response to the situation. Inquire about getting the OCR in your country.

Remote Monitoring and File Transfer

All PicoDigiCam models come standard with ShareView, intuitive software designed for remote monitoring and encrypted file data transfer. With this additional software, users can instantly send data to a PC or tablet, enabling viewing violations on a larger display for easier recognition and to train larger groups. It also allows for real-time data to be available for your central office or down the road for accurate and on-the-spot communication.

PicoDigiCam Shareview Software
ShareView Software


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