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Laser Technology Utilities - Pipeline

Asset and facilities mapping in the pipeline industry is a critical element when faced with a major GIS project. By utilizing the power of long-range, reflectorless measurement you can eliminate the pain and hassle of getting down into a trench or obtaining permission from a landowner just to get a few measurements. LTI's rangefinders are a perfect solution for typical obstacles you are faced with in the field.

Risk management can now obtain crucial positioning data faster and safer than ever before by integrating our lasers with GPS and performing laser offsets. Occupying dangerous or hard-to-reach areas is a thing of the past, because all you need is the raw values of inclination, slope distance and azimuth. This information, in conjunction with your GPS location, will provide a remote coordinate of any and all features in the field.

Offsets can aid in accurately positioning areas where repair or inspection work is taking place.

You can also tackle the daunting task of identifying and mapping sensitive areas surrounding your construction zone or existing work areas.

Laser rangefinder measuring to gas utility

Using LTI's MapSmart Field Data Collection Software in conjunction with your laser, you can enjoy the advantage of survey quality mapping. Quickly and accurately gather measurements and view real time calculations as you measure distance between any two points or from any point to any line you collected.

Planning for energy networks can now be more efficient because field information can be collected and analyzed quicker and easier.

Other utility professions such as water and gas can also benefit from collecting field data enabling managers to make better decisions.

All of our lasers offer data ports and some even have Bluetooth┬« so you can easily integrate with popular data collection software, making it a seamless process in the field.

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