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Professional Measurement Videos

Watch Laser Tech's videos and learn techniques and tips for laser measurement while out in the field for applications such as Measuring Tree Heights in Forestry, Measuring Stockpile Volumes, GPS / GIS Mapping, Vegetation Management.

PM Videos


Professional Measurement Products
and Applications Overview - 2014

Field Measurement

Advances in Field
Measurement Tools for Utilities

Field Measurement Mobile
Mapping Tools Techniques
Webcast - 7/31/13

Field Data Collection w/
Smartphones, Tablets and Lasers
Webinar - 4/10/13

Forestry Videos

Timber Cruising / Tree Heights / Engineering & Surveys and Mill Operations

Forest Measurement with
the Polish Perspective - 10/09/16

Forestry And Natural
Resources Funding - 05/14/15

Log Deck Commercial

Forestry Measurement Tools &
Techniques - Part 3: Measuring
Tree Height - 06/03/14

Forestry Measurement Tools &
Techniques - Part 2: Measuring
Circumference - 5/27/14

Forestry Measurement Tools &
Techniques - Part 1: Measuring
Crown Spread - 5/20/14

Quick And Safe Log Deck Volumes
Webinar - 03/11/14

LTI Grants Workshop for
Wildfire Risk Reduction - 2/27/14

Log Deck Inventory Solution
Webcast - 4/17/13

Timber Cruising - In/Out Sampling
& Diameters - 6/19/12

Tree Hypsometry - Vegetation
Management - 5/31/12

GIS/Forestry - Laser Mapping

LTI's Survival Guide to Inventory
- Log Deck Solution - 5/08/12

Measuring Stockpile Volumes &
Calculating Tonnage - 11/17/11

Tips for Timber Cruising,
Tree Modeling & Mapping

GIS / GPS Mapping Videos

GIS / GPS Mapping & GPS Laser Offsets

Awaken Your Inner GIS
Webinar - 07/30/14

Maximize Your Current GNSS
Hand-held Device with Laser
Offsets - 5/13/14

Full: Survival Guide To Field Work

Sec 1: GPS Technology

Sec 2: Laser + Compass

Sec 3: LaserGIS for ArcPad®

Mining Videos

Blast Design

Implementing New 2D Technology
for Blast Design Webinar 06/15/16

The New Face Of Blast
Design Webinar 02/25/15

Quick And Safe Blast Design
Webinar - 02/25/14

Stockpile Volume

Next Generation Stockpile Volume
Measurement Webinar 09/28/16

Stockpile Man Movie
Trailer - 11/2014

Stockpile Commercial

Stockpile Volume

Quick And Safe Stockpile Volume
Measurements Webinar-03/25/14

Measuring Stockpile Volumes &
Calculating Tonnage - 11/17/11

Measuring Stockpile Demo Video

Utilities Videos

Utility Pole Space Management

Laser Mapping with Esri Collector for
Utility Pole Space Management Webinar

Electric Utilities

Electric Utilities Measurement
Practices that Promote Worker
Safety and Efficiency Webinar

Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management Webcast
- 6/27/13

Advances in Field Measurement
Tools for Utilities - 10/29/14

Pole Audits

Pole Audits Commercial

Pole Audits -
TruPulse 200X with GeoJot

Pole Audits -
TruPoint 300 with Mobile Excel

Pole Audits Training -
TruPulse 200X with GeoJot

Pole Audits Training -
TruPoint 300 with Mobile Excel

Professional Measurement Products Videos

Criterion RD 1000

Criterion RD 1000 Commercial

Criterion RD 1000 Training

Criterion RD 1000 Demo

MapSmart on Android

Mapping Made Easy with
MapSmart on Android Webinar

Mapping Field Data Collection
Software Video

TruPoint 200h
Hybrid Laser Video

TruPoint 300

TruPoint 300
Setup and Distance Mode

TruPoint 300
Height Tracking Routine

TruPoint 300
Missing Line Routine

TruPulse Laser Rangefinder

TruPulse 360 Video

TruPulse 360 Calibration Video

TruPulse 360 R Video

TruPulse / Face Profiler

TruPulse and Face Profiler Systems
Working in Heavy Rain

Training Videos

Log Deck Volume Software

Log Deck Training For
TruPulse 200 Baseline Method

Stockpile Volume

Stockpile Volume Training for
MapSmart, TruPulse 200x, TruAngle

Stockpile Volume Training for
MapSmart and TruPulse 360

TruPulse Laser Rangefinder

TruPulse Training 1
Getting To Know Your TruPulse

TruPulse Training Section 2A
All-in-one Shot in Standard Mode

TruPulse Training Section 2B
Height Routine

TruPulse Training Section 2C
Alternative Height & Clearance

TruPulse Training Section 2D
Missing Line Mode

TruPulse Training Section 3
Targeting Modes

TruPulse Training Section 4a
Laser Setup

TruPulse Training Section 4B
Calibration Routines

TruPulse Training Section 5
Field Tips

ArcPad LaserGIS TruPulse

Chapter 1 - Connecting
Devices via Bluetooth

Chapter 2 - Setting Up ArcPad
to Perform a GPS Laser Offset

Chapter 3 - Installing
LaserGIS ArcPad

Chapter 4 - Setting
up LaserGIS within ArcPad

Chapter 5 - Performing Offsets
Using LaserGIS for ArcPad

Chapter 6 - Storing Attribute
Data Using LaserGIS

Chapter 7 - Performing a
Quick Traverse with LaserGIS

WorkSite App

Intro to WorkSite App

WorkSite Quick Notes

WorkSite Simple Project

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