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Public Works

From designing complex sewer/wastewater systems to keeping the streets clean and properly managed, or verifying bridge clearances to measuring slopes for drainage data, there is a demand for a more efficient GIS data collection process. Public Works professionals need to have current and up-to-date records of the location and condition of all their assets. Spatial and attribute information needs to be shared with other divisions, so the importance of collecting up-to-date information should be a high priority.

Laser rangefinder measuring flood waters for emergency response effort and geolocate meter on building.

As in most professions, there is much to do and so little time to do it. You are most likely already using some data collection software to help manage everything you need to keep track of.

LTI TruPulse lasers easily integrate with popular GPS equipment and data collectors through either a serial port or Bluetooth®. Performing GPS laser offsets can vastly increase your field efficiency because you can capture locations without physically occupying them. You can even measure and record attribute data such as heights or elevation values of particular features.

Public Works professionals are using our laser measurement tools for such applications as Asset Inventory, Emergency Response, Facility Mapping and Land Use Planning. Imagine the benefits of gathering real-time field data so you can efficiently respond to an emergency situation, or the ability to report accurate data on the lay of the land. Tree inventory, to tracking a repair or inspection location or geo-locating meters has now become more easier and more efficient when you use an LTI laser rangefinder.

Laser Technology Public Works

Our TruPulse 360R laser rangefinder gives you the freedom to go anywhere no matter the weather conditions. This laser offers all the features of the TruPulse 360 series but sports the toughness of being rugged and weatherproof.

Add LTI's MapSmart field data collection solution and gather real-time calculations all while quickly and accurately mapping in the location of features in 3-D. Easy-to-use and designed for the non-surveyor, you can start mapping in a matter of minutes!

So get the best of all worlds with LTI's measurement tools and measure away knowing you are getting accurate results at an affordable price and cutting down the time it takes you to accomplish the task.

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