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QuickMap 3D Mapping Software

Crash and Crime Scene Mapping Field Data Collection Software

QuickMap 3D Overview

QuickMap 3D (QM3D) field data collection software gives investigators the flexibility needed for crash and crime scene mapping. It’s a simple yet powerful program that easily integrates with LTI laser devices and mapping accessories. This program was specifically designed to be easy to operate so more time can be spent mapping rather than training. Ever evolving to meet customer needs, LTI has once again proven to be on the cutting edge of technology with the release of the very first incident mapping software on the Android and iOS platforms. Now crime, crash and arson investigators can utilize all the benefits of the original QM3D with new functionality and updated workflow to make mapping a scene even more efficient.

QuickMap 3D for Android Screen Shots
QuickMap 3D Screen Shots

Achieve Field-to-Courtroom Synergy

LTI offers diverse laser options to fit any situation. To achieve longer range and superb target acquisition for crash scene mapping, choose the TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder.

Want to add speed measurement to the range and acquisition capability of the 200X? Choose a TruSpeed Sxb.

When size matters, the TruPoint 300 is compact and provides millimeter accuracy for close-proximity crime scenes and crush analysis.

Compatible with all these lasers, QuickMap 3D provides the field data collection portion of the mapping workflow.

Complete the mapping solution with either of the two CAD diagramming programs offered by LTI – OR use the diagramming program that you already have. Mapping solutions made by Laser Technology get you from the field to the courtroom in the least complex, most cost-effective, and most professional way than any other solution on the market.

Map Point, Line, Spline, & Area Feature Types

QuickMap 3D for Android Screen Shots
QuickMap 3D Screen Shots

Pre-diagram features in the field and include notations that shorten your diagramming time. If you decide to add a point into an existing line feature, you can transform a mapped feature type to any other feature type in just two steps. The new advanced spline curve feature follows your lead like never before making it easier to transition between straight and curved lines using just one feature.

Include Photos with Measurement Data

Unlike any other mapping program, QM3D includes the ability so you can take photos of a scene so that they are organized to match up with your data set. Photos are automatically named by file name, point number and note and one or more photos can be named for each data point. Insert images into CAD with perfect alignment to enhance your 3-D diagrams.

Review & Edit Points & Features

If at any time a measurement is in question, easily review the coordinates and notes associated with each collected data point with the Point Detail feature. This feature can give you more confidence that the point you measured is the correct one before you leave the site. Edit any points, review raw measurements for each point, and view all the measurement values in a tabular format.

QuickMap 3D for Android Screen Shots
QuickMap 3D Screen Shots

Access Built-in Help at any Time

Your questions will be answered and your problems will be solved right in the field with QM3D built-in help. Use QuickMap Help to easily catch and correct the most common mapping mistakes and to better understand how to set up and execute all three of the available mapping methods. Refer to Help’s “Move Control Point” section for a reminder of the process of moving your equipment position when large scenes require it. If at any time trouble is experienced, go to Help to send a program self-diagnostic file directly to LTI’s support team.

Support for Efficient & Effective Diagramming

QM3D can generate a variety of reports that can be easily transferred into an array of CAD-based diagramming programs. Once you sync your data collector to your desktop, you can export all your collected points in the following formats: (*.txt), (*.csv), (*.dxf), (*.raw), (*.bmp - in both small and large files). Depending on your data collection device, you could also email the files from the data collector and skip the cabled transfer.


Collect Field Data Your Way with QuickMap 3D

QM3D is adaptable to any crash or crime scene with specialized mapping techniques for any situation or equipment assembly.

QuickMap 3D Measure Baseline OffsetQuickMap 3D Measure Range TriangulationQuickMap 3D Measure Radial with Anglet

Baseline Offset:
Occupy the roadside
and measure all
features at a 90° angle.

Range Triangulation:
Occupy the feature and
measure to the same
two remote targets.

Radial with Angle:
Occupy any safe
location and measure
features at any angle.

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