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Speed Assessments / Spot Surveys

Using laser measurement technology for speed assessments, vehicle counting or to conduct spot surveys in problem areas make collecting statistics a lot easier and far more reliable than other methods. Laser Technology has taken speed measurements one-step further by developing statistical data collection software that integrates with laser speed devices and a fix-mounted speed sensor for traffic engineering.

Speed statistic data collection using lasers
Speed Assessment using SpeedStat software

Counting tubes have been typically used to collect traffic counts and speeds, but it has limitations as to where the tubes can be installed and are visible to drivers. Our SpeedStat software is a quick and easy solution to record traffic statistics and integrates seamlessly with an LTI laser speed device. Officers can now quickly respond to complaints about a particular problem area without additional training because collecting speed statistics is as easy as pulling the trigger on your laser.

If you require high volume traffic data and want to collect it automatically, LTI has the perfect solution. Imagine an automated speed sensor with an adjustable range that filters out any interference outside your predetermined distances. This is now possible with our TruSense T-Series laser sensor, so you can remotely operate a down the road, non-intrusive sensor and collect lane-specific speed statistics without anyone knowing it.

So whether you are conducting spot surveys in problem areas or need to analyze a high volume of speed statistics, Laser Technology has the solution for you.

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