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Speed Assessment and Spot Surveys Made Simple!

SpeedStat Overview

Instantly record and report traffic statistics by integrating SpeedStat software with any LTI UltraLyte, TruSpeed LR and TruSpeed SXB. This is the answer for law enforcement agencies to easily conduct spot surveys, speed assessment and/or perform vehicle counting. SpeedStat is a quick and simple solution to collect the data you need.

SpeedStat collecting and recording speed statistics

Each time you pull the trigger, SpeedStat records the time, date, speed and traveling direction of every targeted vehicle.

Post processing is just as easy. Once an assessment has been completed, you can view a summary report by applying filters, such as:

A specific date or time interval: You can set the filter to include a single day from a 4-day collection period, or a specific time interval like during rush hour.

A specific range of speeds: You can set the filter to exclude the exceptionally fast or slow vehicles to better represent average speeds.  

Viewable/Printable Report Options:

Percentiles: Shows the number of vehicles in variables percentiles.

Project Summary: Shows the number of vehicles in MPH (or KM/H) increments.

Minute/Hour Intervals: Shows the number of vehicles in 2 MPH (or 2 KM/H) increments and for variable time intervals.

How SpeedStat Measures Up:

  • Allows data collection anytime, anywhere and without installation hassles. 
  • Reports collected speed statistics with custom graph tables and raw data charts..
  • Provides data filtering for summary reports.


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