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Measuring Height

Measure Height

Definition of Height: a) 1: the highest part 2: highest or most advanced point b) 1: the distance from the bottom to the top of something standing upright 2: the extent of elevation above a level c) the condition of being tall or high d) 1: an extent of land rising to a considerable degree above the surrounding country 2: a high point or position.

All of LTI's laser rangefinders that include a tilt sensor have the ability to calculate height with a simple 3-shot routine. The first shot establishes the horizontal distance to your target while the 2nd and 3rd shot establish the top and base angle. The height is then calculated and instantly displayed.

Applicable Products
LTI 20-20 Ultralyte LR B
Rugged, waterproof speed measurement device with extended range and has firmware for simultaneous speed and range measurements. Simplified menus for ease of use and one-button weather filter to measure speed during rain and snow. It defaults into continuous mode for rapid measurement updates.
QuickMap 3D Angle Encoder/TruAngle Kit
The QuickMap 3D Angle Encoder Kit works in conjunction with the MapStar TruAngle and TruSpeed Sxb, or TruPulse 200X laser, to provide the ability to map all point features from one position with just one shot. 
Speed System=T100,T200,Optics,Spacer Bar
Combining these two sensors changes everything, profile and classify vehicles, calculate the speed as well as time and distance between vehicles. Ideal for measuring the height, length and speed of vehicles.
TruPoint 300
Lightweight, compact total station that includes an inclinometer with vertical and horizontal angle encoders. Calculates area, volume, heights, 2D slope and 3D missing line values.
TruPulse 200X
The TruPulse 200X, rugged and waterproof laser rangefinder, that measures Slope Distance and Inclination (% Slope). Calculates Horizontal Distance, Vertical Distance, Height and 2D Missing Line values.
TruSense T100
This single sensor can be used for a wide variety of traffic management applications. Ideal for event triggering and general data capture.
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