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Tailgating Enforcement

Tailgating, also known as a traffic violation for following too close, has historically relied upon the visual judgment of the traffic officer or has been the result of a rear-end crash. Laser Technology has changed that with the development of DBC (Distance Between Cars), a patented firmware code that offers a unique measurement calculation unlike any other on the market.

TruCAM speed measurement lasers used tailgating enforcement
Cracking Down on Aggressive Driving
with LTI's DBC Technology

DBC measures the speed of two moving vehicles and then calculates the time and distance between them when one is following the other in the same lane. Officers now have the perfect tool to objectively enforce tailgating violations and keep our highways safe.

Just like in speed enforcement, traffic officers still need to first visually determine if a vehicle is following too close before they even attempt to validate it with the appropriate police equipment. The TruCAM II with DBC or the TruVISION with DBC make these measurements possible and can instantly validate the visual determination of the officer with hard data.

Our DBC technology enables law agencies around the world to crack down on aggressive driving. This is so important as in a recent study released (July 2016) by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety it was found that "51 percent of drivers in the U.S., about 104 million, have purposefully tailgated another vehicle at least once in the past year" and that "nearly 9 in 10 drivers saw aggressive driving as "a serious threat to their personal safety"."

Departments have used our DBC technology to promote a public awareness campaign with the intent to remind drivers about the 2-second following rule (a rule of thumb by which a driver may maintain a safe following distance at any speed, with the ideal time being at least 2 seconds).

LTI lasers help you take an active role in reducing crashes and fatalities in your community by reducing tailgating and aggressive driving violations.

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