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Precise network design, signal strength optimization, proper tower placement - whatever the task, our powerful, low-cost laser rangefinder allows a single operator to easily obtain distance, height and azimuth measurements under a variety of demanding conditions.

Laser rangefinder measuring telecom tower height and signal obstruction

With the flexible, onboard height routine, you no longer need to shoot straight down off the top of buildings when you don't have ground-level access. Climbing towers for height measurements is a thing of the past. Obtaining directional or azimuth data is a breeze. No other laser rangefinder with a built-in compass compares to the TruPulse 360 family of laser rangefinders in terms of versatility and data integrity. These are the first all-in-one lasers that are not affected by inclination limits.

Integrate one of these lasers with your existing GPS and collecting the position of buildings, heights of trees and other obstruction mapping is now done with a simple push of the button. No need to climb tall towers anymore to get the antenna height measurement, you can now safely measure those multiple antennas right from the ground. Site inspections are simple and effortless - verify the position, height, clearance and elevation and get the measurements you need to get the job done right the first time.

TruPulse Laser rangefinder with built in compass
TruPulse 360 R Laser

For professionals who spend hours in the field regardless of the weather, LTI designed the rugged, waterproof TruPulse 360R laser rangefinder. Knowing your equipment is protected from harsh weather conditions gives you that extra security needed for when the unexpected happens. The moment you put your hands on one of these lasers, you know that you have a highly flexible, extremely usable tool for your field measurement needs.

Some projects have a need to collect field data and provide photos too. LTI's LaserSoft Measure App provides an easy solution. Working right with your TruPulse and your smartphone, this app allows you to capture the shots you need to document every measurement taken while out in the field.

The days of tape measures, measuring wheels and height sticks are gone. The future of field measurement is here.

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