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Transmission & Distribution Measurement Solutions

Reflectorless laser technology is ideal for transmission and distribution applications such as sag profiling, measuring the heights of attachment points or a conductor from the ground, verifying vegetation clearances and determining the location for your guy wire. Imagine one person standing in a safe location and measuring all those distance, height and clearance values you need to make critical decisions.

Transmission & Distribution Laser Measurement with LTI's Laser Positioning System

Our Laser Positioning System, an integration of a TruPulse and the TruAngle, make a powerful combination when it comes to gathering the measurements out in the field. With this system and a GPS, professionals can have the power at their fingertips of complete 3D mapping and surface modeling, all without having to occupy multiple locations.

Just point at your target and shoot – it's that easy. The onboard solutions for horizontal distance, height and missing line (which is the distance between two remote points) can all be measured, calculated and displayed instantly.

LTI’s superior optics give you the ability to measure directly to a conductor, saving you so much field time by not handling a height stick or a placing a reflector on the wire.

Creating a digital database of assets and facilities can assist in quality management planning and can be useful in sharing information with local industries. GPS can be effective in locating and mapping certain features such as towers and poles but it takes a lot of time to occupy every asset. Increase your field productivity by integrating GPS with our lasers and perform laser offsets. This geo-referenced data can be imported directly into your existing GIS database.

Alternatively, if all you have are historical paper maps, you can effectively verify their quality and update them using our laser rangefinders.

Determine upgrade capacity and power efficiency for existing power lines, accurately tension newly constructed lines and assess conductor clearance over roadways. Our reflectorless TruPulse laser rangefinders quickly and easily measure spans, widths, heights for clearances, and collect all the data you need to calculate sag and tension.

LaserSoft Sag Profiler Solution

Verify Span, Sag, and Tension of a Conductor

Sag Profiler is a field data collection program that electric utility professionals use to measure the span, sag, and tension of conductor wires. Measurements are made directly to conductor hanging between two attachment points or spans. Workers now have an easy-to-use system they can operate from a safe location that gives them instant access to these critical parameters.

LaserSoft Conductor Clearance Solution: NEW

Vegetation management is just one of thousands of applications that need to measure a clearance value. You may need to know the clearance under a bridge or the distance between 2 remote points. LaserSoft® Conductor Clearance app for utility professionals is used to measure the clearance and height of conductor wires. There is no need to drag around measuring wheels, height sticks or bulky, expensive total stations. Just grab a TruPulse laser and the Conductor Clearance app and you're ready to hit the field!

See Vegetation Management for more field tips that don't require software.

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