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Nighttime Speed Enforcement Just Got Easier!

TruFlash Overview

The TruFlash has added a new dimension to enforcing speed violations at night. The TruFlash easily integrates with your TruCAM II, allowing it to produce recognizable license plate images taken at night. Even better, the unit can connect to the TruCAM II without wires using LTI's IR Link kit. Block the glare of headlights by toggling into Night Mode on your TruCAM II and let the TruFlash do the rest.

TruFlash enhances nighttime speed enforcement
LTI's TruFlash

The TruFlash is not only simple to use, it is also easily handled by one officer. Offering a simple plug-in and charge system, the TruFlash sports the stable, rugged and portable design that LTI has become known for in our products.  This flash system enables the unit to be used under challenging lighting conditions, such as enforcing speeds during the nighttime.

Nighttime speed enforcement has become a cause for concern as studies done at the University of Crete in Greece and the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom have shown that the ability to avoid incidents is significantly impeded under dim lighting conditions.

When you consider the fact that more than 1/2 of all traffic deaths occur after dark, speeding at night obviously is a heavy contributor to these statistics.

Nighttime speed enforcement TruFlash Screen Shots
Actual screen shot from LTI TruViewer PC Software

How the TruFlash Measures Up:

  • Strong sturdy construction helps it stand up to tough conditions.
  • Produces clear-cut indisputable evidence with the high resolution images, providing courtroom credibility.
  • Self-contained power source allows for storage of up to 1,200 images on a single charge.
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