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TruPulse Laser Measurement Solutions

TruPulse Laser Measurement Solutions

The TruPulse laser rangefinder takes the measurements that you need in a snap. From distance, height, 3D missing line, 2D slope grade, the LTI TruPulse provides the laser measurement solutions to get what you need measured done quickly, easily and safely.

TruPulse Measurement Calculations

  • HD = Horizontal Distance
  • SD = Slope Distance
  • HT = Height
  • ML = Missing Line
  • INC = Inclination
  • VD = Vertical Distance
  • AZ = Azimuth*

TruPulse InScope Data Display
In-Scope Data Display
TruPulse 1 Shot HD Mode
1 Shot HD Mode
TruPulse 2 Shot Height
2 Shot Height
TruPulse 3 Shot Height
3 Shot Height
TruPulse 2 Shot 2D Missing Line
2 Shot 2D Missing Line
TruPulse 2 Shot 3D Missing Line
2 Shot 3D Missing Line



Measured by TruPulse
Measured by TruPulse:
Calculated By TruPulse
Calculated by TruPulse

* TruPulse 360 Models Only

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