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TruPulse Tactical Laser Rangefinder

The Most Advanced Laser Rangefinder for SWAT and Law Enforcement Snipers

TruPulse Tactical Overview

As the most advanced laser rangefinder available in the industry, TruPulse Tactical is the ideal hand-held LRF tool for SWAT and law enforcement snipers.

TruPulse Tactical laser rangefinders
TruPulse Tactical

Providing quick and accurate information using a state-of-the-art laser system, the TruPulse Tactical offers superior optics and contains a ballistics solver that ensures an accurate shot, every time. It can fit inside a vest pocket, is rugged and waterproof and offers superior seven-power magnification optics.

The TruTargeting technology automatically provides the best accuracy and acquisition distance to a given target. It also features measurement modifiers to distinguish the spotter’s desired target from surrounding obstructions such as brush or tree branches with Nearest, Farthest and Continuous modes.

Simply input your ballistic coefficients and muzzle velocities for building up to five custom ballistics profiles. Combine that with barometric pressure, temperature, range and tilt data and you'll get the results you need in seconds. The black-mask, dot-matrix LCD will indicate the calculated ballistic holdover and wind-speed correction from 5 to 50 miles per hour and will display them right in the optic’s field of view.

The TruPulse Tactical removes the need to manually calculate current weather conditions or use ballistic software on a third device. Just upload your cartridge information using our proprietary PC software for accurate programming and get instant access to your custom ballistics profiles.

Designed with the needs of today's law enforcement sniper in mind, the TruPulse Tactical is an affordable, well-designed device that eliminates the use of other equipment, saving your department money and time.

TruPulse Tactical laser rangefinder scope shot
TruPulse Tactical Scope Shot

Tactical Capabilities:

  • Measures range to target to within +/- 1 yd, or +/- 1 m
  • Calculates and displays the correction required to compensate for bullet drop
  • Offers drop solutions for MOA, MIL, BDC, IN/CM
  • Calculates and displays the correction required to compensate for wind
  • Delivers table of wind-value corrections in 5 mph increments
  • Measures and displays sensor values
  • Displays pressure, temperature, inclination

How the TruPulse Tactical Laser Rangefinder Measures Up:

TruPulse Tactical laser rangefinders

When time is critical, you won't need to stress about manually calculating conditions, re-checking data points or writing down measurements. This all-in-one laser quickly calculates your ballistics solution for every condition, making sure you don't miss a shot.

You'll be able to spot targets clearly and confidently with the TruPulse Tactical's 7x lens. The large, adjustable eye cup, accompanied by clear and crisp optics, allows you to easily adjust this laser range finder for optimal performance.

The TruPulse Tactical will be the only piece of equipment you need, no matter what scope system you use. The angle indicator, ballistic computer, and weather station are conveniently combined, so you can calculate range and get a ballistics solution with the single push of a button.

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