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TruSense S300 Series

TruSense S300 Laser Sensor Series

The Ultimate Sensor Engineered to Measure Fluids without Contact

After years of research and development, LTI has engineered the ultimate non-contact fluid level measurement laser sensor specifically designed to directly measure fluids that are highly reflective and turbulent regardless of their dielectric properties.

Laser Technology TruSense S300 Series Laser Sensor

LTI TruSense S300 Series Laser Sensor

Introducing the TruSense S-300 Series! Consisting of the S-300, S-310 and S-330, this laser sensor series is capable of generating accurate measurements on highly reflective surfaces, such as clear water. Data collection in fluid level measurement is now consistent and accurate as these sensors smooth out the reflective peaks and valleys caused by fluids in random motion.

Used in applications such as Water and Wastewater, Chemicals Processing, and Food and Beverage, the S300 sensors can also be easily integrated with your systems by using the TruSense OEM versions. Attach the optional diffuser lens to obtain accurate measurements with clear and turbulent liquids.

The S300 series of laser sensors are up to the challenge and ready to provide accurate and repeatable results in the world of fluid level measurement.


The TruSense S300 Laser Sensor Offers Advantages Like No Other:

  • Provides instantaneous measurements that are very accurate, even over long ranges
  • Avoids false echoes by creating a beam with virtually no spread that can be shot through narrow spaces or small-diameter stilling wells
  • Provides a sensor that can be shot through protective screens and near flat walls
  • Installs at the top of a well for easy mounting, access and maintenance
  • Saves time with little to no required calibrations


Pre-qualified system integrators and end-users can have an opportunity to test a TruSense laser to confirm that LTI's pulse laser technology works in their specific application. Ask an LTI representative about our demo program.

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