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TruSense T-Series Traffic Sensor

The Perfect Laser Sensor for Demanding Traffic Management Applications.

TruSense T-Series Overview

Criterion RD 1000 Commercial Video
TruSense T-Series Laser Traffic Sensor Video

LTI designed this laser sensor series with traffic engineers and system integrators in mind. The TruSense T-Series traffic sensors have taken traffic management to a whole new level. The future of traffic-sensing technology is here.

The TruSense T-Series are designed specifically for Traffic Management applications including speed, vehicle height, vehicle length, and time between vehicles. These versatile laser sensors can also be used for presence detection counting or for triggering events such as red light cameras. An array of outputs including RS232, RS485 and output triggers allow the user freedom to choose the best output for their application.

The T-series traffic sensors have an ultra-fast repetition rate that ensures all vehicles are captured regardless of size or speed.  Producing non-contact measurements has distinct advantages over many conventional technologies.  Since the laser beam can travel over large distances and does not need to be near the vehicle in order to detect or measure it, giving you more and easier installation options.  The sensor just needs to be mounted where you have a clear line-of-sight to the passing vehicles.   

These laser sensors generate a small spot size on the target, which means the beam can be pinpointed to a vehicle within a specific lane. If additional coverage for overhead applications is required, you can spread the laser's beam with special optics to ensure complete lane coverage.

TruSense T Series
TruSense T-Series Traffic Sensors

TruSense Speed System

The TruSense Speed System consists of the T100 and T200 laser sensors. Combining these two sensors changes everything, because it not only can profile and classify vehicles, it can calculate the speed as well as the time and distance between vehicles.

How the TruSense T-Series Measures Up:

  • Count, profile and classify vehicles
  • Ultimate detection technology
  • Red-light system and license plate integration
  • Mount both the TruSense T100 & T200 for speed detection as well as time and distance between vehicles
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