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TruSpeed Laser Speed Gun

A Laser Speed Device That Any Department Can Afford!

TruSpeed Overview

With the introduction of the LTI 20/20 TruSpeed laser speed gun in 2007, Laser Technology Inc accomplished an engineering feat no other laser measurement manufacturer has done -- design a laser speed device that offered the accuracy and reliability that LTI is known for, yet be priced so even the smallest of departments could afford to use lidar (light detection and ranging) technology.

Our dedication to providing quality products and paying close attention to the market demands of needing a low-cost, yet high performance laser speed measurement device brought the TruSpeed from the drawing board to fruition.

TruSpeed Sxb Mapping Crash Scene

Once again in 2011, it was brought to Laser Technology's attention that the market demands had changed and a laser speed measurement device needed to be developed that was lighter, smaller and even more affordable. LTI again listened and our engineers were not only up to the challenge but they set the bar yet again with the TruSpeed S.

This was the beginning of the TruSpeed S family. Not only is the TruSpeed S the lowest priced laser speed measurement device on the market, it is small - weighing in at less than one pound and is very easy to use.

In mid 2012, LTI listened yet again to demands in the market for an affordably priced incident reconstruction tool and the TruSpeed Sx was born. (Note: This dual purpose speed measurement and mapping laser was discontinued in mid 2016.)

Our engineers went even further in 2013 and the TruSpeed Sxb with Bluetooth® was created, allowing the laser the capability to sync up to our new LaserSoft SpeedCapture App. Together, along with your smartphone, make a formidable team in enforcing the speed limit as they capture and store a picture of the offending vehicle. Sporting the same features as the TruSpeed S, it also has the addition of a built-in tilt sensor, giving this laser the ability to measure both horizontal and vertical distance for crash scene mapping.

The TruSpeed S family is designed with police use in mind having a rugged exterior that is weatherproof and a 7x sighting scope that allows officers a wide viewing range and the ability to see clearly in all lighting conditions. The compact binocular-style design sets the S family apart from other TruSpeed devices and makes these laser devices fit comfortably in your hand.

LTI 20/20 TruSpeed

The TruSpeed and TruSpeed LR boast a lightweight, ergonomic design specifically engineered for comfortable, hand-held use over long periods of time, while the polycarbonate exterior and aluminum chassis that protects all the internal components makes it extremely durable.

Extremely simple to use, the TruSpeed and LR speed devices offer straightforward menu options and have only six, icon-based buttons. The LR version captures violations at 4,000 feet in comparison to 2,000 foot range of the original TruSpeed unit.

Like all LTI laser speed measurement devices, the TruSpeed series have pinpoint targeting, which enables officers to effectively distinguish the speed and direction of a single vehicle in multi-lane traffic - a major advantage over radar technology.

Our exclusive Accuracy Validation software ensures all speed measurements are correct, and provides unbeatable credibility and support in the courtroom.

With its split-second speed-reading capabilities, the TruSpeed gives the advantage to the officers as violators get zero reaction time and renders detectors, both radar and lidar, completely useless.

Unmatched technology, superior performance, courtroom credibility, pinpoint targeting AND an unbeatable value are what the TruSpeed series bring to your department. What are you waiting for? Arm your entire fleet with a TruSpeed and take more of an active role in making your streets safer, ultimately saving lives.

TruSpeed enforcing speeds

How the TruSpeed Measures Up:

  • Pinpoints vehicles in multilane traffic
  • Impervious to lidar and radar detectors
  • Offers LTI courtroom credibility with Accuracy Validation
  • Costs less than most lasers and is priced closer to handheld radars
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