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TruSpeed S-Series Accessories

TruSpeed S Series Accessories

Battery CR123A
Part No - 4704685
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Battery Door Assembly
Part No - 7204802
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Foliage Filter w/ Tether
Part No - 7035142
Place over bottom (receive) lens of laser to filter out foliage or obstructions and only acquire a reflective target. Fits all TruPulse series products including the TruPulse 360R and also fits the TruSpeed Sx. 
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Mounting Bracket for Staff
Part No - 7024866
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Mounting Bracket For TruAngle
Part No - 7024867
For use with LTI's TruPulse 360 R, TruPulse 200X and the TruSpeed Sx products.
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Pelican Premium Hard Case
Part No - 7035160
The TruSpeed S Series Premium Hard Case can be used for all S series chassis units; the TruSpeed S, Sxb, Se and even some of the TruPulse units like the 200x and 360R. In addition to carrying a laser, there is a convenient space for carrying a smartphone bracket, mechanical filter, spare batteries, etc.
9 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 4" premium hard case from Pelican.
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Universal Phone Adapter
Part No - 3255093

This adapter aligns with any smart phone or mini-tablet camera to TruPulse and TruSpeed S Series eye pieces.

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Universal Tablet Adapter
Part No - 3255088
This adapter aligns with any tablet camera to TruPulse and TruSpeed S Series eye pieces.
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