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TruVISION Accessories

The Next Generation of Photo and Video Speed and Traffic Enforcement.

32 GB High Capacity SD Card
Part No - 3204729
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Battery Charger w/Plugs
Part No - 3005002
For LTI's TruCAM II, TruVISION and PicoDigiCAM products.
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Custom Digi-Cam Tripod
Part No - 3504674
Suggested Tripod For LTI's TruCAM, TruVISION and PicoDigiCAM SR products.
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High Capacity Battery Pack
Part No - 7025026
For LTI's TruCAM II and TruVISION products.

Note: Due to the higher capacity usage of the TruCAM II and TruVISION unit, only the high capacity battery will work for these units. This battery pack is not backward compatible for use in the original TruCAM unit (for TruCAM unit please see part number 7024922 under TruCAM Accessories)
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IR Illuminator Full Package
Part No - 3504693
An accessory of the LTI 20/20 TruCAM II or TruVISION laser speedgun in the night time operation. The IR illuminator emits a continuous invisible infrared light source and is mounted on the left side of the laser device. It is small, light, easy to use and self-powered. The infrared light can illuminate the vehicle license plate (reflective) up to 100 meters for the TruCAM II or 120 feet for the TruVISION to capture video of speeding vehicles at night.
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LCD Stylus
Part No - 1434164
For use with LTI's TruCAM and TruVISION products. 
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Optional DBC TruCAM
Part No - 3204702
An option for LTI's TruCAM II and TruVISION products.
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Optional Night Mode
Part No - 3204742
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Premium Hard Case with Foam for TruCAM II
Part No - 7035177
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SDHC Card Reader
Part No - 3204730
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Shoulder Stock
Part No - 7204780
The Shoulder stock provides a means for the user to firmly support the TruSpeed, TruCAM or TruVISION laser and easily aim it.
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Part No - 1434256
The Sunshade can be used for LTI's TruCAM II and TruVISION products.
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Tripod Yoke Mount
Part No - 7024785
For use with LTI's TruSpeed, TruCAM and TruVISION products.
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TruCAM II/TruVISION Polarizing Filter Ring
Part No - 1154877
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TruSpeed/TruCAM Series 3.5X Magnifier (with pouch) Assembly
Part No - 7035187
For use with LTI's TruSpeed, TruCAM and TruVISION products. 
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TruSpeed/TruCAM Series 6X Magnifier (with pouch) Assembly
Part No - 7035188
For use with LTI's TruSpeed, TruCAM and TruVISION products. 
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TruVISION DB9 Serial Cable Assy
Part No - 7054659
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TruVISION Viewer Software
Part No - 3220007
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