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TruVISION Photo / Video Lidar Speed Measurement Device

The Next Generation of Photo and Video Speed and Traffic Enforcement.

TruVISION Overview

Note: Available in the USA only.

TruVISION Lidar Speed Measurement Device Video
TruVISION Lidar Speed Measurement Device Video

LTI's 20/20 TruVISION has taken video and photo enforcement of traffic violations to the next level. A laser with a digital video camera which records dangerous driving behaviors, the TruVISION provides more features than ever offered before.

Like the TruCAM, LTI's first speed enforcement laser and video camera device, the TruVISION gathers and stores the evidence for speeding, tailgating and distracted driving violations; along with a high-resolution image of the license plate number and a full-length video of the violation. But it's the added features that make this laser a force to be reckoned with.

LTI is the only manufacturer that has more than 6,000 photo/video lasers being actively used today in over 90 countries. No other laser can match LTI's superior engineering, overall functionality or high-level of customer satisfaction and support. Welcome to the next generation of video/photo enforcement: LTI's 20/20 TruVISION.

TruVISION photo video lidar speed measurement


Get the Image You Need Under Any Conditions

The additional upgrades to this laser device is what makes the TruVISION unique in the market. Sporting a large 3.7" trans-reflective LCD screen you have the capability to clearly see what you are doing even while in bright sunlight. LTI's new AdapTecâ„¢ technology auto adjusts the focus, iris and shutter speed for you plus gives you the ability to quickly view license plate details and collect images that are crystal-clear from up to +/- 450 feet away!

More Than A Speed Enforcement Laser

The TruVISION has DBC (Distance Between Cars) a patented technology by LTI which measures the time and distance between vehicles. More than just a speed enforcement tool, the TruVISION can assist in tailgating enforcement, aggressive driving, distracted driving, obstructing traffic and misuse of HOV lanes.

Put the TruVISION in your hands and be mobile, or mount it on a tripod and operate hands-free. The versatility that this photo / video laser offers is unmatched. Intuitive and color-coded graphical icons make it easy to learn how to use the TruVISION, no need for advanced training. The removable SD card allows you to transfer all your field data to the office securely. LTI's advanced 128-bit secure data encryption gives you the confidence of having a complete chain of evidence that is tamper proof if ever challenged in court.

All over the world, it has been proven that implementing video traffic enforcement technology will reduce traffic fatalities, change dangerous driving behaviors and improve overall roadway safety. Join in and help LTI save lives, one measurement at a time.

NOTE: Available in the USA only.

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