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Universal Laser Sensor Accessories

A Fully Programmable Laser Sensor Capable of Rapid Pulse Rates!

ULS Accessories

ULS 12VDC Power Comm Cable
Part No - 7054667
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High Speed DB9 To USB Cable
Part No - 4824769

Converts RS-232 to a USB connector.

Note: Not all USB Connections are the same. Consult your PC's Owner's Manual for more information.

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ULS Alignment Scope
Part No - 3502786
The ULS Sensor includes a mounting bracket for this scope.
Magnifies field by 1.5X
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Universal Adaptor Plate
Part No - 7035137
Mount any LTI sensor or the sunshade or swivel mount. Compatible with Ruggedized Enclosure.
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Swivel Mount
Part No - 3004959
Permanently mount your LTI sensor with swivel and tilt adjustments. Requires LTI Mounting Plate.
Permanently mount and align your LTI Sensor with pan and tilt adjustments
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Part No - 1134749
Protect your LTI sensor from inclement weather, sun and overhead dust.
Can be mounted to Universal Mounting Plate.
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