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Universal Laser Sensor Measurement Modes

A Fully Programmable Laser Sensor Capable of Rapid Pulse Rates!

ULS Measurement Modes

Averaging Mode

LTI Liquid & Solid Leveling

Sends out individual laser pulses and analyzes their time-of-flight to calculate a distance. The number of pulses averaged for a given measurement can be configured by the operator. The ULS, as a key component in a collision avoidance system, can pay for itself by preventing just one major incident!

Key Benefits:

  • Provides the highest accuracy possible
  • Provides the highest data rate possible
  • Offers an adjustable return shot criteria

Last Target Mode

LTI Liquid & Solid Leveling

This mode has the same speed of averaging mode, but can penetrate more airborne particulates, such as dust or fog. A high speed option is available in this mode that offers good performance in the presence of moderate particulates. There is also a successive gating option that dynamically eliminates known targets to find the last target available.

Key Benefits:

  • Best airborne particulate penetration
  • Automatic intermediate target discrimination

Detection Mode

LTI In-Line Positioning

This mode analyzes distance data on a pulse-to-pulse basis, providing the fastest possible response by minimizing timing latency for object presence detection. Distance data is not generated, but instead outputs a 'trip' signal that signifies object presence at a user-defined distance. A signal can also be sent when a minimum or maximum change in distance is detected.

Key Benefits:

  • Ultra quick detection with precision timing signals
  • 2 modes: One looks for a change in distance, the other looks for an object inside a desired range

Binning Mode

LTI Speed & Altimetry

Sends out individual laser pulses and places the pulse returns in fixed increments of flight time. When several pulses end up in a given time bin, the ULS determines that there is a target present. Increasing the bin size will increase the maximum acquisition distance, whereas decreasing it will improve measurement resolution and accuracy.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced measurement range capability
  • Dynamically tracks multiple targets
  • Adjustable target definition criteria
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