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From vegetation management and pole audits to gas and pipeline distribution, the need to collect reliable spatial and meta data is a critical element for all the utility disciplines. The tedious task of collecting field data has historically been time consuming and costly. By utilizing the power of reflectorless measurement, your field crew will vastly decrease their field time and safety liabilities.

Laser rangefinder with built in compass
TruPoint 200h Laser

Laser Technology's TruPoint laser measurement tool series produce survey grade accuracies, offer onboard solutions & measurement data storage. The new TruPoint 200h achieves millimeter to centimeter accuracy with the Hybrid Measurement Technology, providing accurate long range measurements PLUS short range high accuracy measurements in one tool.

The TruPoint 300 ground-breaking product is a small, lightweight and compact total station. It measures distance, inclination and horizontal angles for X, Y, Z measurements.

The TruPoint series of laser measurement tools are for users that need that extra accuracy to short range targets and operates easily with step-by-step icons.

Our TruPulse 360R laser rangefinder not only has the ability to remotely measure distances, heights and azimuth, it offers a unique onboard solution that can calculate measurement values between any two remote points and has integrated Bluetooth® wireless communication.

Laser Rangefinders Safely Measure for Utilities Projects

Having exceptional long-range capabilities makes our lasers able to lock on to the smallest of targets like power lines. Imagine measuring attachment heights, ground clearances or any other distance or span value without ever having to occupy rough and/or dangerous terrain or even private property for that matter.

Imagine being able to collect multiple pole locations from a single spot. Or calculating the span, sag and tension values along miles of power lines all from one location. Compact, affordable, and ease of use, that's what our lasers bring to the field.

Alternative equipment or measurement methods are either too expensive, time consuming, or can become hazardous for your field crew if used in areas that are difficult to occupy.

So whether you handle the planning and research process or manage facility mapping, our technology can make your GIS projects a whole lot easier, cheaper, and safer.

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