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With more and more need for a variety of services, installing new lines on an existing pole requires good planning. For applications such as strand mapping and network design, you need valid field data in order to make the best decisions. Well, if you have worked with a height stick before, there is no reason to remind you how fun it can be to measure attachment heights or separation values that are 45 feet in the air under some rough terrain.

Laser rangefinder measuring cell pads

What about using the conventional tape wheel to determine the span between poles? When you encounter flat and easily accessible areas and don't have to deal with snow, rain or windy conditions, it's a snap. We all know this is never the case, which is why the TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder is such an ideal tool for any and all types of field measurements.

If you toggle this laser into Missing Line (ML) mode, then aim and point to both poles, you can know the distance between them in a matter of seconds. If you need to know the drop distance from a pole to a dwelling, it's just as easy.

Measure and verify position, height, clearance all with a simple point, shoot and push of the button. You can also easily integrate your existing GPS and data collection software with an LTI laser.

Laser rangefinder measuring height of utility pole 

Obtaining attachment heights or conductor clearances can be done with the TruPulse's simple 3-shot routine displaying the calculated value right in the sighting scope. If you need slightly higher accuracy for something like separation distances of wires on a pole, our TruPulse 200X laser can do the job.

Regardless of what one of our lasers you use, you can lock onto small targets, such as a conductor, and obtain valid measurements without placing a reflector on the line. The possibilities are endless.

Data collection is now more efficient, accurate and safer out in the field. The TruPulse laser rangefinders are here.

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