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Knowing all the existing infrastructures of an area is easier said than done. Some GIS databases or maps may be available, but they may not be up-to-date or have the critical information that you need to make a logical decision as to where you are going to start your network design.

Laser rangefinder measuring building height

The faster you can deploy a rollout strategy the more competitive you can be, but there's a catch. If you make just one wrong decision and miscalculate optimized signal strength, it could be detrimental to your plan. LTI's laser rangefinders will allow your crew to collect and record accurate field data in a lot less time than you think. Instantly measure the distance, height, position or clearance with a simple push of a button.

Need to verify an antenna or tower height? Want to know how tall that adjacent building is or the span between an obstruction and your proposed tower placement? It's easy with the TruPulse 200 laser rangefinder because it has the power and versatility to provide on-the-spot, accurate data, which a single operator can gather from a safe and convenient location.

No more climbing towers and dropping a tape measure to verify antenna height. No more having to access rooftops of buildings or relaying messages trying to drive between distant towers for measurements. As if all that wasn't enough, this laser is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your vest pocket.

Laser rangefinder measuring vertical distance to telecom tower

Need to get an accurate azimuth measurement? The TruPulse 360 series with our exclusive TruVector 360┬░ Compass Technology allow you to measure azimuth regardless of the angle or pitch.

Whether you are installing a new system or collecting existing position information for inventory purposes, the TruPulse laser is an invaluable tool. It will save you time, money and provide a safer way for you or your workers to get the measurements needed while out in the field.

Add the capability to take photos of your scope shots and document every measurement you take when you integrate LTI's LaserSoft Measure App with your smartphone and laser rangefinder.

If you are required to determine antenna orientation, azimuth and tilt, but cannot avoid strong magnetic interference, the APS may be a product for you. Refer to LTI's partner MultiWave Sensors who developed an azimuth pointing system designed just for this particular application.

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