AUVSI Xponential 2016

by Admin 13. April 2016 13:10

Considered the #1 show for the unmanned systems market and drawing over 8000 industry leaders and professionals from more than 55 countries worldwide, AUVSI Xponential is a must attend if you're in this industry. This three-day event is being held May 2-5 in New Orleans, LA at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. Attendees will learn from key experts and educational sessions, see the latest in technologies and products and enjoy networking with other professionals in the field. More...

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Trade Show

Webinar: LTI's Laser Traffic Sensors Put To The Test

by Admin 15. September 2014 10:14

Learn About the Active Traffic Technology Test Site In Australia!

Toward the end of 2013, Laser Technology Australia (LTA) and VicRoads, the state of Victoria's DOT teamed up and launched a traffic technology test site. Located on Melbourne's M80 Ring Road, the site's objective was to validate the accuracy of the various sensors feeding data into the DOT's STREAMS traffic management system. More...

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LTI Laser Sensor for Traffic Management

by TGirmann 25. March 2014 12:51

Laser Technology's TruSense T-Series Laser Sensor Ideal Choice for Managing Traffic.

Smart highways are becoming more familiar as we see estimated travel times posted on LED signs along many highways. The term "Smart Highway" is related to intelligent data gathering and use. Laser sensors are replacing older technologies, such as road magnets, for these vehicle detections and classifications. Typical installations of laser include side-fire or overhead configurations. Laser sensors allow the user to gather as much critical data as possible, with installation ease that does not require destructive, expensive means such as digging into existing asphalt or concrete road surfaces. More...

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The TruSense T-Series Laser Traffic Sensor - The Best in Traffic Management

by Admin 1. July 2013 11:10

With the proliferation of automated speed and red light camera programs across the county I thought it time to weigh in on the subject. Laser Technology developed and manufactures the TruSense T-series of laser traffic sensors designed specifically for Traffic Management. This includes speed, vehicle height, vehicle length, and time between vehicles. These versatile sensors can also be used for presence detection for counting or triggering events such as automated red light cameras. Outputs including RS232, RS485, and output triggers allow flexibility to choose the best output for their application.More...

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