Universal Laser Sensors Unaffected by Bitter Cold

by kharrold 4. March 2015 06:08

Laser Technology's ULS Handles Ship Docking With Ease

Laser Technology's (LTI) Laser Sensor Division's most versatile laser is the Universal Laser Sensor (ULS). The ULS is fully programmable and easily identifies difficult targets such as liquids, non-reflective material and fast moving objects. The ULS is also fully functional in extreme temperatures. On March 1, 2015, it was negative 15 degrees Fahrenheit in Nova Scotia at 7:00 AM. The LTI ULS was hard at work, being used for sensing docking ships.

In this particular application, the ULS units are placed in enclosures that are connected to a computer, which displays the distance from the ship to the dock. The lasers function in poor visibility, including heavy rain or fog, and are eye-safe to the highest FDA class-1 standard. More...

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