TruSense Laser Sensors Are Now Distributed by Digi-Key Electronics

by TNyland 5. January 2019 11:07

Two powerhouses have joined forces and signed a worldwide distribution agreement for industrial sensors. Laser Technology, Inc's. (LTI), Industrial Sensor product line, the TruSense® will now be distributed globally through Digi-Key Electronics.

The TruSense sensor product line can detect, count, trigger, map, profile, scan, and guide in addition to verifying levels, proximities, and distances to practically any target. The TruSense sensors are non-contact laser sensors that can be used throughout a variety of industries: oil & gas, chemicals, mining, power, food and beverage, water, and waste water.

Digi-Key Electronics is an authorized global, full-service distributor of electronic components. Digi-Key Electronics has a product portfolio of over 8.3 million products, from over 750 quality name-brand manufactures, with 1.5 million electronics available for immediate shipment.

LTI and Digi-Key Electronics distribution agreement will allow for industries around the world to have easier access to the TruSense laser sensor product line and enjoy the benefits of continued expansion in Digi-Key's product portfolio.

Read the press release here

Find more information on the TruSense® here

Laser Technology, Inc.
Laser Technology, Inc., is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative laser-based speed, distance, and sensor measurement devices. From speed enforcement, crash and crime scene mapping to maximizing your field data collection productivity by doing more with less, LTI offers a complete solution for your industry needs.

Digi-Key Electronics
Digi-Key is the fourth largest electronic component distributor in North America and a broad-line distributor of board level components. IT ranks as the fifth largest electronic component distributor in the world.


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Laser Technology Releases Fluid Level Measurement Laser Sensor

by Admin 17. May 2017 09:40

The TruSense S300 - the ultimate laser sensor for measuring fluid and liquid levels.

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is known all over the world for their dedication and commitment to providing accurate, quality and innovative laser measurement products. The latest laser sensor released - the TruSense S300 - is proof of this yet again. Engineered and designed to measure highly reflective and turbulent target surfaces, such as clear water, the S300 is a breakthrough in technology for laser sensors. More...

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Universal Laser Sensors Unaffected by Bitter Cold

by kharrold 4. March 2015 06:08

Laser Technology's ULS Handles Ship Docking With Ease

Laser Technology's (LTI) Laser Sensor Division's most versatile laser is the Universal Laser Sensor (ULS). The ULS is fully programmable and easily identifies difficult targets such as liquids, non-reflective material and fast moving objects. The ULS is also fully functional in extreme temperatures. On March 1, 2015, it was negative 15 degrees Fahrenheit in Nova Scotia at 7:00 AM. The LTI ULS was hard at work, being used for sensing docking ships.

In this particular application, the ULS units are placed in enclosures that are connected to a computer, which displays the distance from the ship to the dock. The lasers function in poor visibility, including heavy rain or fog, and are eye-safe to the highest FDA class-1 standard. More...

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LTI's TruSense Laser Sensor is Seeing Copper

by kharrold 12. November 2014 10:37

A copper mine in Utah is using LTI's TruSense laser sensor to ensure their froth floatation tanks maintain the proper levels. The sensors are mounted in a ruggedized enclosure from LTI, as seen in the photo below, to comply with the safety regulations of the plant and to guarantee protection of the sensors in this harsh environment. The sensors are mounted at the top of the tanks, next to the air downcomer center and facing the recirculation well. More...



LTI Laser Sensor for Traffic Management

by TGirmann 25. March 2014 12:51

Laser Technology's TruSense T-Series Laser Sensor Ideal Choice for Managing Traffic.

Smart highways are becoming more familiar as we see estimated travel times posted on LED signs along many highways. The term "Smart Highway" is related to intelligent data gathering and use. Laser sensors are replacing older technologies, such as road magnets, for these vehicle detections and classifications. Typical installations of laser include side-fire or overhead configurations. Laser sensors allow the user to gather as much critical data as possible, with installation ease that does not require destructive, expensive means such as digging into existing asphalt or concrete road surfaces. More...

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The Ability to Measure to a Target using A Laser Sensor

by TGirmann 9. December 2013 14:06

Laser Technology Laser Sensors Designed For Tough Situations

LTI realized there was a need for laser sensors that could handle challenging environmental conditions from dusty conditions to measuring a moving target or liquids, and engineered some laser sensor measurement tools that can do just that. To better understand what it takes to get measurements using a laser, we need to go thru the steps of what determines the ability to measure to a target using a laser sensor. More...

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LTI Laser Sensor Measurement Discrimination

by TGirmann 4. November 2013 10:18

Why Target discrimination measurement mode is essential for distance measurement.

When considering the best laser sensor for a non-contact distance measurement application it is important to consider if the sensor has target discrimination. Not all laser measurement sensors are created equal in this respect. LTI laser sensors offer a number of discrimination modes including First, Last, and Last Two, among others. More...



Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Explained

by TGirmann 24. September 2013 12:30

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, are systems to help the driver in the driving process. So it was quite interesting the other day to read an article by the Associated Press about a car that was operated solely by a computer recently drove a Pennsylvania congressman to the airport. This is just one example of where ADAS technology is going to take us in the future. More...



Laser Technology TruSense S-Series Laser Sensor Chosen By ABB for Use in Golfing Robot

by TGirmann 5. September 2013 11:46

Laser Technology is excited to announce that ABB chose our TruSense S-series laser sensor for use in their IRB model robot for demonstration at the Jimmy V Golf Classic held at the North Ridge Country Club in Raleigh North Carolina on August 25, 2013. The LTI laser sensor is used to measure the distance to the putting-green hole. This is achieved by the robot scanning past the golf pin (flag), then acquiring and using this distance to program the robot with the proper swing speed, resulting in a perfect put every time. More...

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LTI Recap of AUVSI Show, Washington DC August 13-15, 2013

by RBoyd 3. September 2013 10:53

Laser Technology, Inc. recently attended the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) show in Washington DC. This show targets unmanned vehicle manufacturers, making vehicles for air, ground, and maritime applications. Attendance for the show was a record 8100 people and nearly 600 exhibitors. More...

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