Laser Technology TruSense S-Series Laser Sensor Chosen By ABB for Use in Golfing Robot

by TGirmann 5. September 2013 11:46

Laser Technology is excited to announce that ABB chose our TruSense S-series laser sensor for use in their IRB model robot for demonstration at the Jimmy V Golf Classic held at the North Ridge Country Club in Raleigh North Carolina on August 25, 2013. The LTI laser sensor is used to measure the distance to the putting-green hole. This is achieved by the robot scanning past the golf pin (flag), then acquiring and using this distance to program the robot with the proper swing speed, resulting in a perfect put every time.

Part of the Laser Technology Sensor Division, the TruSense S Series laser sensor combines high accuracy and a fast update rate to quickly acquire a target and output a precise distance. The real-time serial output provides the necessary data to easily control the robot while the small size allows for easy integration into tight spaces.

It is reported that while many celebrities were in attendance, the robot was the bona fide star and unbeatable by even the most accomplished players.

Laser Technology had a lot of fun working with ABB on this project and we look forward to continued support of our customers for a hole in one every time!

(By the way, in viewing pictures of the event, the laser sensor is forward looking and contained in the aluminum housing on the lower portion of the robot with the Laser Technology decal on the front.)

Check out the Laser Sensors section on our site for more information on how Laser Technology's lasers are used in the industry.

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