Laser Sensors for Material Handling Webcast

by Admin 6. February 2014 12:02

From collision avoidance systems to monitoring levels in a silo or tank, the uses for non-contact laser measurements are practically endless in the material handling industry. In this webcast, "Laser Sensors for Material Handling", Tom Girmann, Laser Technology's Sensor Product Manager, will explore the most beneficial characteristics of laser sensor technology and how it can be applied in a wide variety of applications. Other types of measurement tools and methods will be discussed, as well as useful tips on how to determine which technology is right for you.

Whether you are utilizing sonic, radar, encoder, manual or no measurement method at all, this webcast will provide insights on how laser sensors could potentially optimize accuracy, increase safety and enhance data collection.

As an added benefit, all attendees will be entered to win a TruSense S-series laser sensor.

Laser Sensors for Material Handling Webcast
Was held on March 4, 2014
10:00 am (MST)

LTI's laser sensors offers you the flexibility of utilizing one sensor for multiple applications within your plant. Read more about our sensors for Plant Management and Automation or contact LTI or a local authorized dealer about a live demonstration.

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