LTI Laser Sensor for Traffic Management

by TGirmann 25. March 2014 12:51

Laser Technology's TruSense T-Series Laser Sensor Ideal Choice for Managing Traffic.

Smart highways are becoming more familiar as we see estimated travel times posted on LED signs along many highways. The term "Smart Highway" is related to intelligent data gathering and use. Laser sensors are replacing older technologies, such as road magnets, for these vehicle detections and classifications. Typical installations of laser include side-fire or overhead configurations. Laser sensors allow the user to gather as much critical data as possible, with installation ease that does not require destructive, expensive means such as digging into existing asphalt or concrete road surfaces.

LTI's TruSense T-Series Traffic Sensor

Data including vehicle speed, height, length and position allow the user to classify and determine traffic conditions such as travel times, vehicle type and traffic congestion status. Eye safe lasers mean that this non-contact technology is ideal for Traffic Management.

The LTI T Series traffic laser sensor may be mounted in an overhead or road-side configuration allowing installation flexibility along with accuracy and dependability. Optional external optics may be used for increased coverage. Outputs including RS232 and triggering allow the user many options for Traffic Data Management.

Red light camera triggering requires fast detection times and customers demand installation ease. LTI T Series sensors are ideal for capturing traffic in red light detection applications and for counting and presence detection. The long range measuring ability and the non-contact measuring ability of these sensors provides installation flexibility that live up to customer needs.

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