Webinar: LTI's Laser Traffic Sensors Put To The Test

by Admin 15. September 2014 10:14

Learn About the Active Traffic Technology Test Site In Australia!

Toward the end of 2013, Laser Technology Australia (LTA) and VicRoads, the state of Victoria's DOT teamed up and launched a traffic technology test site. Located on Melbourne's M80 Ring Road, the site's objective was to validate the accuracy of the various sensors feeding data into the DOT's STREAMS traffic management system.

Traffic Technology Test Site
Using LTI's TruSense T-Series

LTI's TruSense T-series, which consists of the T-100 and T-200 laser sensors, was set up on an overhead gantry spanning five lanes. The T-series are designed to measure speed, vehicle height and length, and time between vehicles. Custom software was also written by LTA to take data from the TruSense and compare it to data collected by other sensors.

Identifying an approximate 100,000 vehicles per day, the test concluded that LTI's TruSense laser sensors are very accurate in detecting the leading and trailing edges of vehicles. Due to the dual laser sensor's, LTI's system is able to calculate at a higher degree of accuracy than others that were previously used. The project will be ongoing over the next five years to continue evaluation.

Join Phil Lack, Managing Director of LTA and Julien Marr, System Engineer from VicRoads for a 30-minute webinar to learn more details about the study.

High-Tech Laser Traffic Sensor Put to the Test
Recorded: September 25, 2014 10:00 am (MDT)

Interested in Learning More?
LTI's Dual Laser Sensor Traffic System offers not only better accuracy but more capabilities including profile and classify vehicles, speed calculation, height and length of vehicle, and time and distance between vehicles. Read more about LTI's TruSense T-Series and Traffic Management or contact LTI for a live demonstration.

See the article from Traffic Technology International on the test site.

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