LTI Webinar: Field Data Collection with Smartphones, Tablets and Lasers

by Admin 15. March 2013 15:26

Laser Technology, in conjunction with GeoSpatial Experts, is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 1 pm (MST) to show professionals how to collect accurate field data with your smartphones and tablets quickly and easily. Using a LTI TruPulse laser rangefinder with the GeoJot+ field data collection system makes this all possible! During the webinar, you will be shown how to gather information in the field with these tools and then create photo-based reports or even visualize your data in ArcGIS and Google Earth. More...


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The iPhone and TruPulse Connect!

by Admin 19. February 2013 12:31

The SAF National Convention was a great place for "field techies" to browse and see the latest in products for use in the forestry industry and it definitely didn't disappoint.

Laser Technology showed off an adaptor for the iPhone that connects to their TruPulse 360, enabling professionals to not only get the measurements needed while out in the field but also be able to take photosMore...

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Attend the 2013 ESRI Federal GIS Conference

by Admin 19. February 2013 11:57

Laser Technology will be in attendance at the annual ESRI Federal GIS Conference and showcasing our laser measurement products in Booth #191, so please stop by. We'll be happy to give you a hands-on demonstration of our products such as LaserGIS for ArcPad and the new ArcGIS for Mobile.More...

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Oregon Logging Conference Celebrates 75 Years

by Admin 18. February 2013 12:58

In 2013 the Oregon Logging Conference is celebrating 75 years of holding this annual event for forestry professionals. Known for being "the best logging, construction, trucking and heavy equipment show west of the Mississippi" this is a must attend conference if you're part of this industry. Laser Technology will be in attendance and exhibiting our products at #063 in the Performance Hall so head over and check out the Criterion RD 1000 and our other laser measurement products that Forestry professionals like yourself use to make their jobs easier and safer.More...


ABCFP Forestry Conference & AGM - February 20-22

by Admin 15. February 2013 12:31

Laser Technology is getting ready to head to Prince George, BC for the annual ABCFP Forestry Conference & AGM at the Prince George Civic Centre. When you're making your way around the exhibits, make sure to stop by and get a hands-on demonstration of LTI products such as Laser GIS software, TruPulse and the Criterion RD 1000.More...


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A Better Way to Measure Log Decks and Inventory

by Admin 9. February 2013 08:55

Laser Technology's TruPulse 360 and Log Deck Volume Solution is the Answer!

The need for a better method to get accurate measurements on log decks at sawmills was brought to the attention of Laser Technology by John Calkins, a log scaler for Simpson Lumber Co., and as usual, our engineers stepped up to the plate and figured out a way to provide the tool to do just that! Using LTI's TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder along with the newly developed software - Log Deck Volume Solution - provides the accuracy that foresters or log yard managers need to get their job done quicker, safer and more accurately. No more pacing the length of a log deck or using a tape measure or a prism pole. More...

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GIS/GPS Mapping Easier with the TruPulse 360 Laser Rangefinder

by mphippen 4. February 2013 13:10

Let's get beyond conventional approaches to decision support situations:

Worldwide, Land use regulation has been in place a long time to address community change.

Land, transportation, and water resources, among many other aspects of societal well-being, are not new. Community plans, zoning, infrastructure improvements have been used for many years managing these varied issues through conventional approaches to decision making. Plans encourage a look forward to address external influences of human activity. More...

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World of Concrete 2013 Conference

by Admin 1. February 2013 12:03

Laser Technology is attending WOC, are you?

If you are in the commercial concrete and masonry construction industry, then Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada is the place to be on February 5-8, 2013. The annual World of Concrete (WOC) will be in full swing and will have over 1,300 exhibits and 50,000+ registered industry professionals in attendance. More...


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LTI Stockpile Volume Solution is the Key to Measuring Inventory

by jjablonski 15. January 2013 11:53

Piles, and Piles and Piles to Go!

It's been an amazing last year in the Midwest, the old Rust Belt area. No rust has been measured….but close!

When Laser Technology introduced its Stockpile Volume Solution 10+ years ago, the initial market focus was to the Aggregate and Minerals Industries. Instead of having LIDAR Fly-Overs and waiting for the expensive results, walking unsafe and unsteady piles with GPS, or hiring Survey Crews at over $1,000 per day, these guys were looking to control costs and get quicker results.More...

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iTelligent Adaptors - TruPulse and iPhone Integration is Here!

by dreish 5. December 2012 11:17

Did you ever want to take a photo of a feature and the laser measurement in your display, or take a video recording of a height or missing line measurement? Think about it; from the field directly to the home office your image gives your team real time evaluation and troubleshooting capabilities as they see what you see!

Introducing iTelligent™ Adaptors, integrating the iPhone 4/4S with a TruPulse Laser Rangefinder; a breakthrough in Professional Measurement! More...

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