Video: Field Measurement & Mobile Mapping Tools & Techniques

by Admin 20. August 2013 08:27

Have you as a professional ever wondered how to safely and easily take the necessary measurements and map while out in the field? In the video recording of our recently held webinar "Field Measurement & Mobile Mapping Tools & Techniques" LTI experts step up and show you the basics of taking field measurements with recommended laser measurement tools such as Laser Technology's TruPulse laser rangefinders. Professionals learn how to take the most efficient and effective measurements whether it's distance, height, 2d slope, 3d missing line or azimuth. More...

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Stockpile Volume Measurement Tools & Techniques Webinar

by dreish 27. June 2013 12:25

Laser Technology is hosting a webinar on Wednesday August 21st at 10 AM (MDT) to show professionals in the Aggregate and Minerals industry or anyone that needs to know the inventory of their "piles" a faster, safer and cheaper way to measure stockpile inventory.

Derrick Reish, LTI's Sr. Product Manager, will walk attendees through the steps and demonstrate how easy it is to calculate your stockpile inventory with MapSmartĀ® Volume Software & the TruPulseĀ® 360 laser rangefinder. More...

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3rd Annual National Tribal GIS Conference

by Admin 5. October 2012 12:43

Join Laser Technology at the 2012 National Tribal GIS Conference taking place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Co-hosted by Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institue and the National Tribal Geographic Information Support Center, the conference is on November 5 - 8 and will have hands-on workshops, presentations, exhibits, More...

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LTI to Exhibit at 2nd Annual Field Technology Conference - Portland, OR

by Admin 5. September 2012 09:04

Join Laser Technology for the 2nd Annual Field Technology Conference (FTC 2012) in Portland, Oregon. The conference is being on September 26-27, 2012 at the Holiday Inn Portland Airport Hotel. Hosted by the Western Forestry and Conservation Association (WFCA), GPS World magazine, and Geospatial Solutions Weekly, this conference centers around geospatial technology. More...

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Reliable, Precise Data Needed for Forestry Industry

by mphippen 2. September 2012 09:35

LTI Provides Laser Measurement Solutions for Responsible Land Management.

In an article by Andrew Creasey, reporter for Herald and News in Oregon, he inadvertently lays out a future blueprint guiding the business of Forestry. He also points to declining forest harvests and continued budget cuts further exacerbating this ongoing conflict between commercial land managers and environmentalists. More...

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Another Volume Measurement Problem Solved

by scolburn 15. March 2012 08:21

LTI MapSmart Software Steps In

Stockpile Volume Measurement

Laser Technology was contacted by a large grain logistics company located in Mexico which are responsible for moving millions of bushels of grain around the country every year. One of the critical factors they need to track is the volume of each type of material as it is purchased, processed and then delivered to the customer. The current measurement methods they were using were time consuming and had a very large potential for error.

Through searching on the web, they found out about LTI's Stockpile Volume Solution and promptly contacted us. A demonstration was given on a free-standing pile of aggregate and the customer was sold! An initial order of 5 systems was placed and a training session scheduled at one of their US partner locations in the Wichita, KS area.


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