Verifying Log Deck Inventory Becomes A Snap With Laser Technology's Log Deck Volume Solution

by Admin 21. July 2016 10:17

An Accurate, Safe and Quick Process to Measure Log Decks Has Become A Reality

Product Testimonial and User Story -

John Calkins, Check Scaler / Log Quality
Simpson Lumber Company, WA

Possessing a forestry degree and over 35 years of experience as a log scaler, John Calkins certainly has dealt with all the challenges in the book when trying to keep up on verifying log deck volumes as inventory comes in and out.

John strived to find a new way to take measurements and calculate accurate results for log accounting. The process needed to be easy to understand and easy for anyone to replicate. More...

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Product Testimonial

KWF Tagung 2016

by Admin 31. May 2016 13:46

The 17th annual KWF Conference is being held June 9-12 in Roding (Oberpfalz, Bayern). Considered the largest forestry demo fair in the world, forestry professionals will enjoy the KWF Expo (Forest Machinery and Innovations Show), field trips and the Congress. More...

LTI Webinar: Measuring Log Deck Inventory

by Admin 5. April 2012 11:36
Measure Log Deck Inventory

Laser Technology will be hosting a webinar May 8th at 10 am (MST) to explain how their log deck volume solution works. Attendees will learn how to safely measure their ever-changing log deck inventory and instantly calculate the volume for any size and species. Because of current tools and unsafe methods being used today, log deck inventory typically only happens every quarter or sometimes just at year end.

LTI will walk you through the process, step-by-step and demonstrate how easy it will be to start verifying inventory on a weekly basis. The waterproof TruPulse 360 R is a simple point and shoot laser that transfers measurements right into a step-by-step graphical log deck software solution.

This software was developed working closely with a check scaler and log quality manager located in Washington. He will be co-hosting with Derrick Reish from Laser Technology to explain how this all came to be and what the benefits have been for him using LTI's solution.


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LTI's Log Deck Volume solution - the new Log Inventory Calculator

by Admin 16. February 2012 08:36

Finally someone recognized the need that mill operators had for a laser measurement tool that acted as a log inventory calculator. The difficulty of trying to accurately track "just in time" inventory as it moved in and out has been resolved. Not only does Laser Technology's Log Deck Volume solution address this, it also enables operators to get accurate measurements of their log inventory that is stacked with extremely narrow spaces in between. And to make it even better, there is no need to occupy the pile or stand near it when making measurements!


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