LTI's Laser System Saves Time and Money While Mapping for Construction Company

by Admin 5. July 2016 13:20

The TruPulse, TruAngle and MapSmart Software System Great Tool To Map Construction Sites.

Product Testimonial and User Story - Paul R. Lipp & Son, Inc.

Civil engineer Greg Lipp began working for his father's full-service construction and excavating company and eventually became a full partner. After enough horrible experiences using a 300-foot tape for field measurements or dealing with expensive and complicated total stations, Greg felt it was time to try something else. He discovered he could save both time and money while mapping and creating his own as-built drawings for the County Health Department by adopting the TruPulse and TruAngle and integrating with MapSmart software. More...

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Product Testimonial

Electric Expo 2015

by Admin 2. October 2015 12:09

Join Laser Technology (LTI) at the annual Electric Expo October 28-29 at the Valley Forge Casino Resort Event Center in King of Prussia, PA. Attendees will attend seminars, network with industry colleagues and see the latest in products, services and technologies. More...

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Trade Show

Another Volume Measurement Problem Solved

by scolburn 15. March 2012 08:21

LTI MapSmart Software Steps In

Stockpile Volume Measurement

Laser Technology was contacted by a large grain logistics company located in Mexico which are responsible for moving millions of bushels of grain around the country every year. One of the critical factors they need to track is the volume of each type of material as it is purchased, processed and then delivered to the customer. The current measurement methods they were using were time consuming and had a very large potential for error.

Through searching on the web, they found out about LTI's Stockpile Volume Solution and promptly contacted us. A demonstration was given on a free-standing pile of aggregate and the customer was sold! An initial order of 5 systems was placed and a training session scheduled at one of their US partner locations in the Wichita, KS area.


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