World of Asphalt 2015

by Admin 10. March 2015 09:08

The World of Asphalt 2015 Show & Conference, and the AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo will be held in Baltimore, MD on March 17-19. This show is known as the industry's largest gathering place for professionals in the aggregates, asphalt, pavement maintenance and traffic safety industry sectors. Attendees will be able to see the newest products and technology from over 300 exhibitors, learn from leading industry experts in over 40 education sessions and enjoy the invaluable opportunity of networking with other professionals in the industry. More...

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2015 KAPS Annual Conference

by Admin 18. February 2015 14:09

The Kentucky Association of Professional Surveyors (KAPS) are holding their annual KAPS conference February 25 – 28 at the Holiday Inn University Plaza in Bowling Green, KY. The conference will offer attendees the chance to walk through the exhibit hall and view the latest in products and technology, invaluable networking with others in the profession, and learn from key note speakers at the many technical sessions available.

Stop by booth #9 and see Laser Technology's (LTI) laser measurement products including the TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder, part of our TruPulse laser series. See why the TruPulse is one of the most popular tools used in the professional measurement industry.

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World of Concrete 2015

by Admin 27. January 2015 11:04

World of Concrete (WOC) is the only annual worldwide event dedicated to the commercial concrete and masonry construction industries. This conference is considered by many professionals in the industry as one of the top shows in the field. This year's show is proving just that with over 1,400 exhibitors showcasing the latest products, services More...

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Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition 2015

by Admin 19. January 2015 13:25

UCT 2015 (Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition) is being held January 27-29 in Houston, TX. UCT is the premier event in the US for underground utility pipe industry professionals. Chockful of seminars, workshops, panel discussions, exhibits and plenty of networking opportunities to enjoy. More...

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TruPulse Laser Rangefinder Measures Up for GIS Evidence Collection

by KHarrold 5. November 2014 09:36

The University of Denver, Mountain Graphix and Directions Magazine recently hosted a collaborative webinar to explain how GIS data is used in court. Titled "Forensic GIS - Investigation, Litigation and Using GIS in the Courtroom," the webinar was geared toward attorneys, law enforcement and GIS professionals. The production focused on the key points of how GIS is used in legal investigations, the admissibility and presentation of GIS data in court, and recent advances in forensic GIS and what the future may bring. More...

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Video: See The New Accurate Measurement Solution for Pole Audits

by padkins 16. October 2014 13:14

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) has teamed up with GeoSpatial Experts (GSE) to provide a new and better way to make accurate pole audit measurements quickly and safely. The GeoJot+ field data collection system works as an app in the field and runs on smartphones, tablets and even Window Mobile devices. It accepts LTI's TruPulse laser rangefinder data string via Bluetooth and automatically imports the measurements and More...

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Advances in Field Measurement Tools for Electric Utilities Webinar

by padkins 16. September 2014 15:51

The days of height sticks and measuring wheels are gone, or at least should be with how inefficient, inaccurate and dangerous they can be to use. It's time to consider advancements in measurement technology and electronic data collection that are affordable, require minimal training and can consistently produce reliable results no matter who makes the measurements. More...

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TruPulse Laser Rangefinder Syncs with Mobile Devices

by KHarrold 15. August 2014 14:27

GPS World hosted a live webinar during the 2014 Esri User Conference, partially focusing on high-precision GNSS with mobile devices. They followed the webcast with a blog to highlight and answer some of the pre- and post-webinar questions. One question that Esri UC attendees had was, "Do the TruPulse laser rangefinders integrate with smartphones and tablets?" The answer is, "Yes they do!" More...

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TruPulse and LaserSoft Measure App Catch Attention at Esri User Conference

by padkins 22. July 2014 09:01

Laser Technology's very own TruPulse laser rangefinder and LaserSoft Measure smartphone app were featured in Esri's "showcase showdown" blog covering the products and solutions that were on display at this year's Esri User Conference.

Kassie Carley, Laser Technology's Software Product Manager, is demonstrating a TruPulse 360R laser range finder with a built-in compass and Bluetooth®. This particular model was specially made with a transparent outer case that exposes all the electronics placed inside the laser rangefinder. Kassie was also demonstrating how to pair the laser with a smartphone via Bluetooth so it can work with LTI's LaserSoft Measure app. More...

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New LTI TruPulse Laser Measure App Takes Off at Alaska Airlines

by KHarrold 19. May 2014 08:12

Officially released to the public in April, 2014, Laser Technology's LaserSoft Measure App is now being used for airport surveys in Alaska. This app integrates with LTI's Bluetooth®-enabled TruPulse laser rangefinders allowing users to create and review multiple measurement projects and even store through-the-scope images of every measurement taken. More...

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