National Big Tree Program – Measuring Tree Girth Webinar

by KHarrold 2. June 2014 10:00

Laser Technology and American Forests co-host webinar on Measuring Tree Girth

Inspired by the need to communicate the changes in established techniques, Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) and American Forests have co-hosted a series of webinars. The second webinar recording is now available for all who wish to learn updated measuring guidelines and how to minimize errors when nominating national big tree contenders. The three part series highlights the changes made to the program in 2013, and is suitable for all skill levels. Three important topics are covered: measuring crown spread, determining circumference and calculating tree height. More...

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National Big Tree Program - Measuring Crown Spread Webinar

by KHarrold 22. May 2014 08:44

Laser Technology and American Forests co-host webinar on Measuring Crown Spread

In 2013, American Forests updated the current measuring guidelines and established techniques everyone can use to minimize errors when nominating national big tree contenders. American Forests and Laser Technology, Inc. are hosting a three-part webinar series to highlight changes to American Forests' measuring guidelines and shed light on new techniques that will help participants of all skill levels when nominating and verifying champion trees. Each webinar in the series qualifies as 1.0 hour Category 1-CF credit. More...

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2014 ACF National Conference

by Admin 20. May 2014 14:34

Visit Laser Technology (LTI) at the annual ACF National Conference held June 21-24 in Savannah, GA. We will be showcasing laser measurement products for Forestry including Log Deck Volume Solution and the new LaserSoft Measure App.

The conference will include training sessions, presentations, an awards luncheon, field tours and of course, the invaluable chance to network with your peers.

Before attending, read more information on LTI products for Forestry. You can contact us at 1.800.OWN.A.LTI with any questions or for a practical demonstration.


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LTI and American Forests Co-Host Tree-Measuring Webinar Series

by Admin 27. March 2014 08:36

Three-Part Webinar Series: Measurement Tools & Techniques for Forestry

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) and American Forests invite you to join us on a three-part webinar series that will educate Big Tree hunters, aspiring Big Tree hunters and tree-tech enthusiasts on the latest measuring guidelines from the National Big Tree Program. Featuring expert guest speakers who are affiliated with the National Big Tree Program, these webinars will walk you thru the components of the equation used to crown a national champion tree: crown spread, circumference and height. More...

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NESAF 2014

by Admin 18. March 2014 11:54

Join Laser Technology (LTI) for NESAF 2014 - the annual meeting of the New England SAF (NESAF) - held March 25-27 in Nashua, NH. The theme for this years conference is "Resources, Resilience, Renewal, Restoration" and will include keynote speaker Kathryn Fernholz of Dovetail Partners, speaking on "The Next 100 Years of Forests in the US, the annual business meeting, educational sessions, field trips, workshops and more.



Laser Technology, Inc. Hosting Workshop for Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant Program

by KHarrold 18. February 2014 08:21

The Wildfire Risk Reduction Grant (WRRG) Program, which started in 2011, has just entered into a newer phase that will fund $5.2 million in efforts to reduce the risk of wildfire in places where developed land meets woodlands (or WUI-Wildland Urban Interface). Anytime a project involves protecting the lands we love, it seems to cost much more than any resulting value from it can possibly offset. Thanks to grants such as this, projects that may have never happened move forward every day. Choosing to spearhead these projects promotes watershed protection, forest health, wildlife habitat, fire safety, local employment and our local county economies. More...

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Oregon Logging Conference 2014

by Admin 11. February 2014 11:23

Join Laser Technology at the annual Oregon Logging Conference held February 20-22 at the Lane County Convention Center and Fairgrounds in Eugene, Oregon. We will be exhibiting at booth S072 and everyone who visits us can enter into our '3 Chances to Win" promotion and have a chance to win a complete laser-based log deck volume solution. Read more information about the Log Deck Volume Campaign. More...

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Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference 2014

by Admin 16. January 2014 13:32

Join Laser Technology at the annual Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference and Equipment Show. We are excited to introduce to Forestry industry professionals new products such as the TruPulse 200X laser rangefinder and LaserSoft Measure, a new app that will help make your data collection even easier. So make sure to stop by booth #52 and get a hands-on demonstration of these two new laser measurement products while you're at the show. More...

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LTI TruPulse and Criterion RD 1000 Used Globally for Sustainable Forest Management

by KHarrold 12. December 2013 10:43

Sustainable forest management is an important issue because forests are a dynamic part of the conservation of biodiversity, energy supply, and soil and water protection. A recent video called Mapping Forests—The Path to Green Growth, highlights this information. The video shows a country with a model sustainable forest management program, Finland, who is striving to spread the word about their best practices. One of these shared practices is using the most modern and efficient equipment, including Laser Technology's TruPulse laser rangefinder and Criterion RD 1000 to assess the forest. More...

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Laser Technology and TruPulse 360 Help Measure the Receding North Woods

by mphippen 22. October 2013 14:33

I was pleasantly surprised to see LTI's TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder featured in an article by Josephine Marcotty posted in last Sunday's Minneapolis’s Star Tribune. She writes about a significant undertaking by the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to anticipate the effects of ‘global warning’ on one of the state's best assets, The Great North Woods. More...

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