LTI Attending 2012 Lake States Logging Congress

by Admin 20. August 2012 13:01

It's that time of year again when the Forestry industry is abuzz with excitement at attending the Lake States Logging Congress & Equipment Expo. This year it will be held September 6-8, 2012 at the EAA Grounds in Oshkosh, WI. Laser Technology will be at booth 72 showing off such products as the TruPulse 360 R, the latest in the TruPulse series. Foresters will find this laser rangefinder ready to go irregardless of the weather.More...

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LTI Historical Moment - The Criterion

by aclarke 6. August 2012 09:55

The Laser that Revolutionized Forest Mapping and Measuring Forever.

It was because of the United States Forest Service that LTI initially got involved in the professional measurement industry. Over the years, the USFS had worked with several companies to try to develop an electronic device that would quickly measure tree height and upper stem diameter, but to no avail.

LTI CEO David Williams called the Forest Service to offer help and they told him that if Laser Technology could solve the problem, the agency would buy 2,000 sets of equipment. LTI immediately started working on the solution that would revolutionize measuring for all foresters. More...

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Measuring Tree Height of Champion Ponderosa Tree

by Admin 20. July 2012 09:34

LTI Laser Range Finder Provides Exact Measurement

Robert Leverett, co-founder of the Native Tree Society, definitely has a passion for measuring trees and he was determined to measure a champion ponderosa in Southwest Colorado. As stated in a recent article in The Durango Herald,"Anywhere I go, I measure trees," Leverett said during the Hermosa Creek outing Thursday. "It's compulsive. I'm obsessed." To be able to obtain the exact height, he had to have the highest-quality laser range finder. In stepped Steve Colburn, director of sales for Laser Technology Inc. who knowing what Leverett would need came equipped with an Impulse and a TruPulse laser range finder. More...

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Join LTI at the International Society of Arboriculture Annual Conference

by Admin 18. July 2012 11:17

Laser Technology is attending the annual conference for (ISA) International Society of Arboriculture on August 11-15, 2012 in Portland, OR at the Oregon Convention Center. Showcasing such products as the TruPulse series, TruAngle, T&D software, LaserGIS software and more; make sure to stop by booth #848 so we can give you a hands-on demonstration More...

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Forestry Webinar Series: Timber Cruising - In/Out Sampling & Diameters Video

by Admin 12. July 2012 16:40

Watch Laser Technology's Timber Cruising – In/Out Sampling & Diameters Webinar Video below.

The third and last webinar, Timber Cruising – In/Out Sampling & Diameters, in Laser Technology's three-part Forestry-based Webinar series, participants were shown in-depth how to take tree heights and percent slope measurements as well as performing In/Out determination of borderline trees using the BAF factor. More...

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Forestry Webinar Series: Tree Hypsometry - Vegetation Management Video

by Admin 10. July 2012 14:19

Watch Laser Technology's Tree Hypsometry - Vegetation Management Webinar Video below.

The second webinar, Tree Hypsometry - Vegetation Management, in Laser Technology's three-part Forestry-based Webinar series, participants learned about the latest for foresters in laser technology measurement products and explored in-depth laser measurements and modes, More...

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Forestry Webinar Series: Laser Mapping - GIS for Foresters Video

by Admin 10. July 2012 13:49

Watch Laser Technology's GIS/Forestry - Laser Mapping Webinar Video below.

At LTI's first in a three-part Forestry-based Webinar series, GIS/Forestry - Laser Mapping, attendees learned how to integrate mapping lasers with field data collections software. They also were privy to invaluable tips such as when and how to calibrate the TruPulse 360, what can affect your accuracy More...

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LTI’s Impulse 200 LR Measures Tree Height with Michael Taylor

by scolburn 4. May 2012 08:08
Re-measure of Tall Sugar Pine

Re-measure of the Tall Sugar Pine near Tiller

(A personal accounting by Steve Colburn, Director of Sales, North America for Laser Technology)

I had the opportunity to meet up with Michael Taylor this winter, coordinator of the National Register of Big Trees for California and discoverer of many of the world’s Tallest Trees. He drove up from Northern California to join me across the border in Canyonville, OR. After a quick cup of coffee and an enthusiastic conversation about his latest measurement project - detailed surface modeling of giant redwood trunks - we were headed east towards Tiller. Making the proper left at the Y and entering the Umpqua National Forest, we followed the signs (rare for the site of an official Tall Tree) and arrived at the Tall Sugar Pine.  Species Pinus lambertiana, notable for its wispy top, sweet sap and large cones, the sugar pine grows only here in the mountains of Oregon and California, extending south into the Baja of Mexico.

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Laser Technology Hosting Forestry-based Webinar Series

by Admin 7. April 2012 12:53
Measure Log Deck Inventory

Laser Technology will host a three-part webinar series for foresters which will kick off in May 2012. The webinars will equip participants with an understanding of how to use the latest in measurement technology so you can become more efficient in the field.  Learn key steps as well as tips and tricks that will make forestry data collection safer and easier.  Participants will discover what other professionals are doing and will even have an opportunity to ask questions to the panelists. The hour-long webinars are free and qualify for Continuing Forestry Education (CFE) credits through the Society of American Foresters (SAF).  If you attend all 3 webinars live, you can earn 3.0 hours of category 1-CF credits.

GIS/Forestry - Laser Mapping

The first webinar, GIS/Forestry - Laser Mapping, in the series goes into depth about laser and compass measurement technology. Participants will find out how easy it is to integrate mapping lasers with field data collection software and transfer field data to a GIS. Held on Wednesday, May 23 at 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (MST). Register for this event.


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Laser Technology an Exhibitor at NESAF Annual Winter Meeting

by Admin 23. March 2012 08:30

Laser Technology will be exhibiting at the annual NESAF (New England Society of American Foresters) Winter Meeting on April 4 - 6, 2012. Held on UMass Amherst Campus Center in Amherst, Massachusetts. This three day meeting is chock full of speakers, training programs and concurrent sessions - the hardest thing will be in deciding which session you want to attend. In its 92nd year, this year's theme is "Local Forests, Local Markets, Local Services and Benefits."

Swing by our booth, where Laser Technology will demonstrate products such as our new Log Deck software solution. Be prepared and read information on Log Deck before attending the conference.

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