LTI Stockpile Volume Solution is the Key to Measuring Inventory

by jjablonski 15. January 2013 11:53

Piles, and Piles and Piles to Go!

It's been an amazing last year in the Midwest, the old Rust Belt area. No rust has been measured….but close!

When Laser Technology introduced its Stockpile Volume Solution 10+ years ago, the initial market focus was to the Aggregate and Minerals Industries. Instead of having LIDAR Fly-Overs and waiting for the expensive results, walking unsafe and unsteady piles with GPS, or hiring Survey Crews at over $1,000 per day, these guys were looking to control costs and get quicker results.More...

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Another Volume Measurement Problem Solved

by scolburn 15. March 2012 08:21

LTI MapSmart Software Steps In

Stockpile Volume Measurement

Laser Technology was contacted by a large grain logistics company located in Mexico which are responsible for moving millions of bushels of grain around the country every year. One of the critical factors they need to track is the volume of each type of material as it is purchased, processed and then delivered to the customer. The current measurement methods they were using were time consuming and had a very large potential for error.

Through searching on the web, they found out about LTI's Stockpile Volume Solution and promptly contacted us. A demonstration was given on a free-standing pile of aggregate and the customer was sold! An initial order of 5 systems was placed and a training session scheduled at one of their US partner locations in the Wichita, KS area.


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LTI's TruPulse 360 an Asset in Measuring Wood Pellet Stockpiles

by mphippen 22. February 2012 11:13

Wood pellet factories are the new solution for heating and replacing oil. The TruPulse 360 is stepping up to the plate and ready to provide accurate laser measurement for wood pellet stockpiles for the states that are embracing this new technology.


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Learn How to Measure Stockpile Inventories Quickly and Safely

by jbartels 27. January 2012 13:35

Watch the Laser Technology's Stockpile Webinar video.

Measuring Stockpile Inventory Webinar

At the Stockpile webinar, Laser Technology Inc. recently hosted, attendees learned how our Stockpile software makes measuring your pile inventories safer, cheaper and faster. With our simple point-and-shoot handheld laser's, you can easily measure directly to any type of surface without having to physically occupy the pile.




LTI Webinar: Measuring Stockpile Volumes

by Admin 11. November 2011 10:30

Measure the volume and tonnage of your stockpile in minutes!

Do you struggle with the daunting task of measuring stockpile inventory? We can help, in just minutes Laser Technology has a solution that is faster, safer and cheaper. This one person operation, offers an easy to use solution that does not require you to occupy the stockpile. Flyovers and surveying total stations are time consuming and expensive. Our stockpile software is inexpensive, easy to use and provides data instantly, not to mention much safer.


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CON/AGG attendees discover advantages of using Laser Technology's MapSmart Stockpile Volumes System

by Admin 30. March 2011 14:13

LTI MapSmart Volume Software Measures Stockpile Volume

Thousands of CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011 attendees discovered what Laser Technology's stockpile volume solution was all about for the first time.  Within the 2.2 million square feet show floor area, Laser Technology exhibited at booth number S-11522 at the trade show held March 22-26, 2011 and made quite the impression on those who need to keep accurate records of their inventory.

LTI has put together a complete volume solution that comprises of a professional TruPulse® compass laser rangefinder and MapSmart® + Volume software that runs on a handheld Recon data collector.  CON/AGG attendees quickly learned the key benefits over traditional methods, such as it costs less, saves time, and increases their safety. This mobile system works off a Bluetooth® connection and uses reflectorless measurement technology which eliminates the need to have someone occupy dangerous piles of material.  More...

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