Laser Technology Inc Awarded TruPulse® 360 Compass Calibration Technique Patent

by Admin 25. May 2012 10:15

It has been years in the making but Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) has been awarded a patent for the TruPulse® 360 compass calibration technique. Jeremy G. Dunne, LTI’s Chief Technology Officer and innovator behind most of LTI's products, came up with the Magnetic Sensor and Accelerometer Calibration Technique. The major benefit of this is that users can quickly and easily calibrate a TruPulse 360 and instantly get a pass or fail confirmation right in the display scope. This is just one of the things that makes this a one-of-a-kind laser rangefinder with a built-in compass. More...


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LTI's Log Deck Volume solution - the new Log Inventory Calculator

by Admin 16. February 2012 08:36

Finally someone recognized the need that mill operators had for a laser measurement tool that acted as a log inventory calculator. The difficulty of trying to accurately track "just in time" inventory as it moved in and out has been resolved. Not only does Laser Technology's Log Deck Volume solution address this, it also enables operators to get accurate measurements of their log inventory that is stacked with extremely narrow spaces in between. And to make it even better, there is no need to occupy the pile or stand near it when making measurements!


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