Laser Rangefinders and the T&D Pro Software Helps With Vegetation Management

by Admin 17. January 2011 15:09

Vegetation Management is and has been a hot topic for the Utilities departments for years. Overgrown trees with overhanging branches have cost them a bundle in both the United States and Canada. Blackouts have caused major problems for individuals, businesses and public institutions and the main cause is due to improper vegetation management. In the past few years, Utilities are stepping up and doing preventative vegetation maintenance. Using a Laser Technology reflectorless laser rangefinder and the T&D Pro Software has proven to be not only a timesaver but a very safe way to get the measurements needed quickly and easily.

For more information on vegetation management and what utility departments are doing, read the article reprinted with permission from Utility Automation & Engineering/T&D.

Read what Laser Technology offers in laser rangefinder products for the Utility industry to help with vegetation maintenance.

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