Timber Cruising Tips for Foresters Video - Tree Mapping and Modeling

by Admin 20. January 2011 15:13

Bill Carr, Forest and Mapping Consultant for Laser Technology, discusses LTI forest-based products including the Criterion, Impulse and TruPulse laser rangefinders. In the video, Bill talks about his background experience of over 50 years in the forestry industry and how Laser Technology's products have provided an easier, safer and more economic way for foresters to do their job.

The tips Bill provides on how to use each product for timber cruising – from tree modeling and mapping applications – are invaluable for foresters. He chats in-depth on topics such as how to best use LTI lasers to take easy and accurate tree heights and diameters, which product to utilize, and their features and modes.

Watch the Timber Cruising Tips video to see how Laser Technology laser measurement products have taken forestry to a whole new level.

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