Reflectorless Laser Technology Provides Cost-Cutting Measures for Construction

by Admin 27. January 2011 15:10

Laser Technology products, like the TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder, are helping the construction industry in these tough economic times. When it comes to grading and excavation in the construction industry, using Laser Technology laser measurement products can provide a quick and easy solution. Below is an excerpt from the article "When Times are Tough" where Paul Adkins of Laser Technology talks about laser hand-held products, how they can help save time out in the field, boost onsite safety and cut costs.


Know in Advance

When it comes to cost-cutting measures, one is to know the hazards of the site in the beginning, to know items that can hamper efficient construction. Such can range from power lines that hamper onsite movement to underpasses that are too low for company use.

A solution for gathering the numbers without delay involves reflectorless laser technology. Paul Adkins, marketing coordinator for Laser Technology Inc. in Centennial, CO, observes, “Some measurement equipment can tend to be cumbersome, hard to carry and set up. Today’s hand-held lasers are lightweight, and can be used quickly and accurately to measure distances, slope grades from top and base, and height clearances. They also can be used to measure volumes of different grades of material."

He reports users can become proficient with some brands, including his, in less than two hours. "It doesn't take long to be ready to go, to use such equipment accurately and quickly," he says. "Reflectorless laser measurements can save lots of time out in the field. It's also a great way to quickly gather the numbers needed for successfully bidding on a project."

Reflectorless technology also boosts onsite safety, because it eliminates the need to stand on the edge of a highway, transit on a tripod while waiting for the assistant to get to the top of the grade, story pole in hand. "Laser technology can help ensure a profit, even in a down economy," Adkins concludes. "Adding this low-cost device can save time and resources needed to get the job done right the first time."

See the full article "When Times Are Tough..." in Buyers Guide 2009, that discusses ways contractors, distributors, and manufacturers are working in today's economy meet former levels of activity.

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