The TruPulse Laser Rangefinder Saves the Day!

by Admin 27. January 2011 15:12

Laser Technology's TruPulse 360 laser rangefinder saved time and made the work easier for Lake Region Electric Cooperative in Oklahoma after a severe ice storm knocked out over 85% of their member's electricity. The case study that was conducted shows how LREC is becoming more efficient because of LTI's products.

Advancements in Measurement Technology
LREC replacing the "OLD" with the "NEW"
Lake Region Electric Cooperative, Oklahoma

The TruPulse came to the rescue after a devastating natural disaster! A severe ice storm hit LREC's service territory in Oklahoma and knocked out over 85% of their member's electricity. Because of the permanent stretching of the conductor, caused by the ice, ground clearance was reduced below allowable limits. Damage and clearance assessments of the entire service area were accomplished much faster and easier using the TruPulse.

Bi-sectioning angles to determine accurate anchor placements can now be done in a matter of seconds! Three quick shots from the TruPulse 360's on-board compass and it's done. LREC is saving time and eliminating the hassle of dealing with range poles & angle splitters.

Pole inventory has never been so easy! Instead of walking up to every pole and collecting its GPS location, LREC is increasing their efficiency by mapping in 4 to 5 poles from a single location using the TruPulse 360. Other features on the poles can be mapped as well.

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Case Study

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