CON/AGG attendees discover advantages of using Laser Technology's MapSmart Stockpile Volumes System

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LTI MapSmart Volume Software Measures Stockpile Volume

Thousands of CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011 attendees discovered what Laser Technology's stockpile volume solution was all about for the first time.  Within the 2.2 million square feet show floor area, Laser Technology exhibited at booth number S-11522 at the trade show held March 22-26, 2011 and made quite the impression on those who need to keep accurate records of their inventory.

LTI has put together a complete volume solution that comprises of a professional TruPulse® compass laser rangefinder and MapSmart® + Volume software that runs on a handheld Recon data collector.  CON/AGG attendees quickly learned the key benefits over traditional methods, such as it costs less, saves time, and increases their safety. This mobile system works off a Bluetooth® connection and uses reflectorless measurement technology which eliminates the need to have someone occupy dangerous piles of material. 

Stockpile Measure Scope Shot

The ROI is unquestionable when you consider the total value of LTI's stockpile system.  Anyone can be taught on how to use the simple point-and-shoot laser and straightforward software.   Just choose at least 3 control points around the pile and mark them with cones or small prisms. Stand over the 1st control point and start shooting as many points as you can see along the toe of the pile.  You then switch the MapSmart software to collect surface shots and start shooting a reasonable amount of points along the irregular edges of the pile.  Once you are complete from that point of view, you then traverse to the 2nd control point and repeat the same steps until you reach the final control point.  Shoot back to your original marked location and you can instantly get the weight and volume calculations of any material you inventory.

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