Laser Technology Adds the TruPulse 360 R Rugged Laser Rangefinder to the TruPulse 360 Series

by Admin 9. July 2011 11:48

TruPulse 360 R

LTI has added the all new TruPulse 360 R laser rangefinder to the TruPulse 360 Series. The 360 R has all the functionality that the 360 B model does including the same measurement features, importing data to Bluetooth enabled devices and use with LTI's LaserGIS for ArcPad; but offers an added feature that the other TruPulse models don't have -- the 360 R is rugged and waterproof! 

A great addition to the TruPulse family, this rugged and waterproof compass laser rangefinder is a huge benefit for those professionals who have had the 'wonderful' experience of being out in harsh weather conditions while getting those necessary laser measurements out in the field.

In the TruPulse 360 R press release, David Williams, CEO of Laser Technology, states, "The new TruPulse 360 R now offers another level of usability within extreme conditions, which our customers encounter all the time." With the 360 R protected by its extra robust case there is no need to worry anymore about a little rain or snow.

Laser Technology is taking pre-orders for the new TruPulse 360 R with an expected mid-September delivery date.

The TruPulse is the most popular professional laser measurement mapping tool in the world. Compare the TruPulse laser rangefinder models at

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