Laser Technology Inc. announces the new LaserGIS version 1.0.1 for ArcPad®

by Admin 8. September 2011 13:52

Laser Technology's LaserGIS version 1.0.1 for ArcPad has been just been released.  LaserGIS is a toolbar extension which streamlines the current ArcPad workflow for field data collection.  This is done by expediting the set up process, eliminating menu clicks and better managing how you are going to collect and log your next feature.   Since LaserGIS is built on ArcPad's platform, any current user will learn quickly how it works and understand how useful this robust toolbar can be.  Taking measurements and mapping with a TruPulse 360 laser offers its own benefits that will pay for itself with the first project.  LaserGIS bridges the gap and feeds all the necessary laser data right into ArcPad seamlessly.

TruPulse 360 with LaserGIS 

Steve Colburn, Laser Technology's National Sales Director, states in the LTI LaserGIS press release, "After ArcPad users witness how easy the transition is in using the LaserGIS extension, it will quickly become apparent as to how much time and energy can be saved when collecting field data." Saving time, saving money and a quick ROI as there is no extensive learning curve, makes getting this new version a no-brainer and the upgraded version is free to all existing LaserGIS users.

LaserGIS features: 

  • Collect and automatically store all your laser data with ease.
  • Automatically apply declination settings based on your map or GPS location.
  • From one location you can now map multiple objects, with or without GPS, or do a traverse by occupying the location of your last shot.
  • Streamline the workflow process even more by toggling on the auto accept feature, then just point and shoot to quickly map and measure the same type of targets within your sight, and the coolest thing is your data is collected without ever touching the screen. 

The latest release is even available in German and French, with a localization toolkit for other international markets.

Check out more information on Laser Technology's LaserGIS for ArcPad at where you can also download a free demo version of LaserGIS or see how LaserGIS for ArcPad can help make your work life easier by watching the LaserGIS video.

We all are constantly looking at ways to make better use of our time and money and the new version of Laser Technology's LaserGIS for ArcPad is definitely it for GIS data collection.



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